JBL GO Review – Experts Review in India - August 2020

Hi There, did you check out our previous blog posts on JBL Charge 2 and JBL Flip 2? No? Take a look now to know why these are the best. For now, let’s review the other popular JBL speaker – JBL GO!

The innovations that have characterized the wireless Bluetooth speaker industry have brought a very interesting trend of wireless audio technology. These recent innovations mean that wireless and portable audio gadgets that were once owned by a few have become personal belongings to all music lovers.

These transformed wireless speakers are improving regularly and are set to shape your music choices. There are multitudes of choices available and as such, choosing a best Bluetooth speaker can be a daunting exercise.

However, your preference should be based on the qualities that would fetch you the perfect beatbox. You have to take into consideration – the design, appearance, connectivity, durability, price as well as look into the positive reviews from pre-existing users.

Going through Amazon.in to get that perfect Bluetooth wireless speaker, one that fits your preferential description can be exhausting, so we have that set for you. With the JBL GO wireless speaker, you should have all of that covered.

Mentioned below is a well-researched JBL GO Review if you intend to buy this speaker.

General Overview of JBL GO Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL GO portable Bluetooth speaker is stylish & durable and delivers amazing sound quality. With this versatile speaker, all you need do is to have enough charge, pair it up with your device and you’re ready to enjoy uninterrupted quality audio playback for about 5 hours straight.

While some other brands offer acceptable sound at this price range, the JBL GO speaker gives you very capable and powerful audio listening experience in its own right. Although sound quality is subjective, if you have ears trained to discerning great from good audio, you’ll know that this speaker does well with quality sound.

Your smartphone or personal computer might have its own speakers, but if you really want the better alternative to help you do justice to the quality of music you listen to, then from the sea of options available, you need a portable wireless speaker like the JBL GO to cater to your needs and budget.

JBL GO Wireless Speaker

1. Features & Specifications


The JBL GO speaker is a black plastic box that has a rubberized finish featuring a metal grill in front of it with red/blue LED clearly visible through the grill. It features five buttons for volume up/down, power, phone call and Bluetooth connection. This speaker measures just 82.5 × 29.95 × 67.91 mm and weighs just 0.132 kg making it one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000.

It’s well designed as it comes in 8 distinct and trendy different colours to cater to your preference. It has a lanyard loop that makes it possible to attach the speaker to your bag with the aid of a clip or a lanyard. The JBL GO features a 40mm driver that is located just behind the metal grill of the speaker and it’s made up of durable material with a simple design that doesn’t have any moving parts, fancy buttons or an expanding tube.

The speaker has a built-in mic, rechargeable battery, a 3.5mm AUX cable, micro and charging port all on the left and its portability makes it quite classy.

The JBL GO features Bluetooth version 4.1, which allows easy connection to any enabled Bluetooth device. Although it doesn’t allow NFC connection, streaming music on the go with this wireless speaker is as easy as it can get. It has an impressive Bluetooth range of about 60 ft. from the connected device. You can also connect to your smartphone through an AUX port on the left of the speaker with an AUX cable.

The performance of the JBL GO Bluetooth speaker is above & beyond expectations. It’s a comfortably loud wireless Bluetooth speaker. Generally, distortions occur with portable wireless speakers because of their small size or limited functionality and this does happen with the JBL GO when the volume is increased to about 80%. However, at 70%, the sound produced is loud enough to fill a large room without distortion.

This speaker comes with a speakerphone featuring echo and noise cancellation functionality that allows you take and make super clear calls without any kind of sound distortion.

This wireless Bluetooth speaker has a built-in 600mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. This battery offers about 7 hours of uninterrupted audio playback at mid-range volumes once it’s fully charged, although JBL says it lasts 5 hours. The most dominant determinant of the battery life at full charge is the quality and intensity of sound you play for the majority of its uptime.


    The major pros of the JBL GO wireless speaker have summarized the experience you should look forward to after purchase. They include;

  • The JBL GO speaker is a portable and very good looking wireless speaker
  • It’s comfortably loud and clear with decent audio quality
  • It has a long lasting battery life irrespective of the intensity of the sound you’re playing.
  • It has a lanyard loop to aid it’s carriage, making transportation with the device less burdensome.
  • It has a built-in mic for speakerphone function.

    These are cons that most users have encountered based on the limits of the product’s functionality. It If these aren’t as important to your use of the device, you should be fine.

  • There is no sub bass
  • The Bluetooth feed, most times, have to be in line of sight without obstruction
  • It doesn’t come with a carrying case
  • There is distortion at very high volume
  • It does not have a battery indicator

2. Alternatives of JBL GO Bluetooth Speaker

Overall, the JBL GO is an impressive wireless Bluetooth speaker with all the capabilities it offers at a decent price. Nevertheless, if you want to explore a few other options similar to the JBL GO speaker the following wireless Bluetooth speakers are worthy of your attention

3. Other Best Bluetooth Speakers

To know what other choices you have before you make a buying decision here is a complete list of the best speakers in different price categories. Take a look!


We hope that you found this JBL GO Review useful. If you’re trying to identify your definite personal favourite portable speaker, the JBL GO will fit your profile. This affordable and portable wireless Bluetooth speaker generates good sound and has a respectable balance between price and quality in the tech market.