JBL Flip 2 Review in India - August 2020

Hello everyone, hope you enjoyed reading our previous two blog posts on JBL Charge 2 plus review and JBL Pulse 2 review. Writing along similar lines today we’ll review another popular JBL speaker – JBL Flip 2. Read on!

Bluetooth speakers are more than replacements for the oldies with cords and complex connection routines.

With the growth of wireless connections in our technological world today, the idea of cool and self-sufficient beatboxes playing quality audio at our different convenience locations is a major improvement that we’ve admired for as long as it hit the market.

This is exactly what the JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth speakers represent.

General Overview of JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Flip 2 features a significant upgrade from the previous version, with upgraded functions and sleeker appearance. Being an upgrade, the brand has worked on most of the cons of the previous version to produce this, and so far it has served every user well.

It has a more modern look, and even the buttons have been given a smarter appearance. The buttons have similar positions to the previous version but with designs that blend in with the overall appearance of the device. It’s more fashionable, lighter and easy to use even if you have no prior experience with Bluetooth speakers.

1. Features & Specifications

With that much credit given to the JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth speaker, the high ratings can only be attributed to the features, specifications and how good their performance has been to users everywhere. Having established that most of these features are an upgrade to the previous version, the specifications of the JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth speaker include the following.

ConnectivityPowerDesignSound QualityOther Accessories

This upgrade features Bluetooth v3.0 + HS. Even though that is not the newest version, it streams high-quality audio over long distances almost as smoothly as Wi-Fi-based technologies.

The JBL Flip 2 doesn’t just receive audio through Bluetooth connection, it also connects through the 3.5mm auxiliary port. However, you cannot transfer audio sound to other devices through this port because it has no wired output ports.

More importantly, the USB port doesn’t function as an input port but is strictly used for charging. So, even if you find a way to connect your phone to the JBL Flip 2 using various adapters, it won’t send-receive sound signals.

The JBL Flip 2 is a battery-powered device with a 2,000-mAh capacity. It’s the same as in the previous version but still is more than 50% better than the average Bluetooth speaker power ratings on the market.
Its peak consumption power is about 10watts and can serve for about 4½ to 5 hours once fully charged. However, this depends on how loud you play it.

It can be charged via the micro USB port either directly to a power source or to your computer, making it more flexible for use on the go. There is a row of five LED lights on the right side of the device, which serve as indicators for the battery charge.

This bookshelf Bluetooth speaker can be placed on your table, shelf or any other flat surface so you don’t have to worry about positioning. It has a very sleek and modern design and comes in black, yellow, blue, red and white colours.

It weighs 2lbs which are fairly heavy as compared to other devices in this category. Being this heavy isn’t entirely a burden as heavier speakers tend to produce louder and high quality of sound. However, the JBL Flip 2 doesn’t put you in a tight spot to choose between portability and quality, because it’s quite handy.

The dimensions are 2.5 by 6.3 by 2.5 inches, with an overall volume of about 39 cube inches – the average size of most Bluetooth speakers in this category.

The buttons in this upgrade are different from the JBL Flip 1 which were all protruded from the device and compromise the beauty of the design. In the JBL Flip 2, the buttons are in the same position, but in a sleeker design that you almost don’t notice if you don’t pay attention to detail.

The JBL Flip 2 is a 1.0 channel speaker, which means that it has only one speaker. However, it has a frequency range of 1000 Hz to 20 kHz, which on an average is pretty impressive. There really is no need to sweat the technicality of the device’s sound frequency response. On purchase, it’s advisable that you test the sound quality by yourself, and certainly, you will like what you hear.

One other major quality that brings out the best in a product, and attracts most buyers is the accessories that come with the device. In this case, the new purse is more dirt resistant, has a smooth and fashionable look and made of harder material, which prevents it from damage in case of accidents involving collisions.

Other accessories include the owner’s manual, USB cable and USB adapter for charging.


    Some of the pros of the JBL Flip 2 include;

  • Impressive overall sound quality even at high volumes.
  • It has no distortion at loud volumes or even when using for audio calls. The package includes a speakerphone.
  • It’s operation is easy and similar to the previous version. It has a compact size and averagely weighs to balance sound quality and portability.
  • For its quality level, it’s very cost effective.

    This section contains major upgrade considerations for the JBL Flip 2 and doesn’t in any way make it less cost-effective.

  • It is not weatherproof. Most brands have upgraded their products into waterproof models at least. This increases its durability and span. (To check out waterproof Bluetooth speakers, click here.)
  • The battery life needs an upgrade. The 2000mAh – 5hr uptime is the same duration as in the previous version. An upgrade would serve users better because longer battery life equals more fun-time.

2. Alternatives of JBL Flip 2

The following products are basic alternatives that fit in the same category in quality and price terms, as the JBL Flip 2.

3. Other Best Bluetooth Speakers

For other affordable speakers in a low to mid-range price, check out this comprehensive list below;


Being an upgrade, there have been lots of positive reviews from users that are familiar with the brand. Its multi-connectivity has been an issue for users with lots of interested parties around them, but it’s still an amazing feature. Conclusively, it truly is an upgrade, and that’s awesome.

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