JBL Charge 2 Plus Review in India - August 2020

Hey Everyone, hope our previous two articles – JBL Flip 2 review and JBL Pulse 2 review – helped you make the right decision. Following alongside the same thread, here is another review, this one is on JBL Charge 2 Plus. So, let’s get started!

We can all agree that a time to listen & share everyone’s favourite music is one of the best moments enjoyed with friends and family. This kind of fun time can be made pleasantly possible with the combination of a wonderful portable Bluetooth speaker and your other smartphones or laptop.

A portable and wireless Bluetooth speaker can be used around the house or on the go for streaming and listen to music straight from your smartphone.

Although it’s important if you’re an audiophile to have your headphones when you’re out and about, a portable wireless speaker is essential when you’re at home or at a resort for your audio listening pleasure.

Introducing the Splashproof Charge 2+ Portable Speaker

Overview of JBL Charge 2+ Bluetooth Speaker

Just like in the case of the JBL Charge 2+ and its predecessor the JBL Charge 2, JBL began surprising the portable Bluetooth speaker market with some interesting features. One of these included the upgrade of some of their models with different functions and adding a + to the product names instead of totally overhauling the lines or churning out products with completely new names.

The JBL Charge 2+ comes in as bigger than average and is one of the best Bluetooth speakers that are portable and effortlessly produces high-quality audio sound. Made with a splash-proof design and fresh styles, the Charge 2+ can be used almost everywhere be it in the shower, in the rain or even by the poolside.This portable Bluetooth speaker is a well-designed speaker that produces relatively great sound when compared to its size.

The JBL Charge 2+ is well designed, boasting a good battery life and having a power source function that helps also charge your portable devices. It plays quality audio preferably with relatively strong sub-bass and comes with a built-in speakerphone capability making it a good bargain for its price and size class.

1. Features and Specifications

The praise given to this product in the previous category can be justified by the specifications featured in it.


The JBL Charge 2+ weighs 1.3lbs, which is a bit more than the Charge 2 with about 60 grams; it looks identical to it except for the colour of the logo. It comes in different bright colours allowing you to choose whichever suits your preference. The JBL Charge 2+ is rated IPX4 making it splash proof.

It can handle rain splashes or even used in the shower but should not be submerged in water. (Check out this guide, if you are looking for waterproof Bluetooth speakers) It is a bit bigger and heavier than the average portable wireless speaker is. Its dimensions are 3.1×7.3×3.1 inches and it features a passive bass radiator capping the ends of the tubular base of the speaker pushing out low frequencies, while its two 45mm drivers deliver 15W via its main speaker.

The JBL Charge 2+ makes use of a rubberized plastic beneath the speaker that keeps it from freely rolling around on the table when music vibration is extensive.It has its control panel on the top, featuring the interactive buttons for volume up/down, social mode, power, play/pause/phone and Bluetooth pairing.

The control panel also carries the pinhole mic for the speakerphone function of the speaker and just underneath the volume buttons is the battery indicator divided into five segments.The Charge 2+ has a USB port for charging other portable devices (serving as a power bank), a micro USB port to recharge the battery and a 3.5mm AUX input when you need a wired connection to listen to your music.

Connecting the JBL Charge 2+ with your iOS, Android, PSP, laptop, mp3, iPod or other devices is very easy. When pairing, all you need to do is look out for JBL Charge 2+ in your device’s Bluetooth settings. You can also make connections with your portable Charge 2+ via a 3.5mm AUX port; however, it doesn’t support the NFC feature for fast pairing with Android devices.

The JBL Charge 2+ has a Bluetooth connectivity range of about 25ft even without line of sight or with obstacles between the speaker and music source; it still plays uninterrupted quality sound.The JBL Charge 2+ features what JBL calls the “social mode”. This feature allows you connect a maximum of three devices simultaneously to your speaker. Music can be streamed from any of the three devices as soon as they are connected.

Although the JBL Charge 2+ can only get moderately loud, it can deliver quality bass for a portable Bluetooth speaker of its size. So, if your music library has a lot of bass demanding songs in it, this portable Bluetooth speaker is for you. Due to its limitations in its maximum volume, it might not be ideal for outdoor use.

The Charge 2+ refines the sound that was experienced in the Charge 2 with an overall better balance, removing the too much bass experienced in some cases, which could overwhelm the mix as experienced in the Charge 2. Distortions generally don’t happen with the Charge 2+ until about 95% of the total volume level.

The Charge 2+ comes with a 6000-mAh battery giving it about 50% more playback time than the average portable Bluetooth speaker does. It has an uninterrupted music playback time of about 12 hours.


    The benefits you stand to enjoy from this product are the outcomes of its features and functionality. They include the following.

  • The JBL Charge 2+ produces rich, crisp and quality sound.
  • It is splash proof with an outdoor friendly design. That alone increases its durability by 200%.
  • It features a social mode that can pair up to three devices, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of disconnecting and reconnecting before playing music from other devices.
  • It also has a Powerbank capability to charge other mobile devices.
  • For moderate use, you can get a 12-hour long battery life.

    Honestly, it’s not as bad as the title suggests. However, if you can put up with these few cons, you should have a wonderful experience.

  • It doesn’t come with a carrying case.
  • The Volume up/down controls are a bit clumsy.
  • Distortions occur heavily at extreme high volumes with serious sub-bass audio.
  • It can’t play music directly from a pen drive.

2. Alternatives of JBL Charge 2+

There a few other speakers that are similar to the JBL Charge 2+. Some of them include:

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Wrap Up

Being a more recent version than the JBL Charge 2, the Charge 2+ comes with necessary improvements expected from an upgrade. Simply put, it’s a personal device that produces great stereo quality at your financial and performance convenience.