Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 5000 in India – Buyer’s Guide - August 2020

Best Bluetooth Speakers under Rs.5000

Hi There, hope my previous review of JBL Charge 2 Plus speaker was useful. Today, we’ll look at the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in India. Read on!

Whether you are known for the terrific house parties you host or if you simply appreciate good music, Bluetooth speakers are a must-have for this generation. If you invest in a good portable speaker, you can have the best quality music on-the-move, without the wires holding you down and you need not even go broke over them.

I first came across a Best Bluetooth speaker at a friend’s party roughly a couple of years ago, and since then I have tried & tested a lot of different models. There are plenty of best Bluetooth wireless speakers available in the market. Here, I have made a list of the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in India.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Bluetooth Speakers under 5000

Bluetooth speakers come handy in a variety of situations. Whether a meeting, road trip, camping or house parties, Bluetooth Speakers are the jacks of all trades. But, before you go looking for best portable speakers under 5000, there are a few things you should know in order to select the best one suited for you.

Bluetooth Compatibility

There are different versions of Bluetooth available, however, you need to select a speaker that’s compatible with whatever version your Smartphone or tablet has. The Bluetooth 4.0 is the most advanced Bluetooth version available in the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 & above and these devices are also compatible with NFC technology.

NFC technology means that you simply have to touch your phone to the speaker to be able to start playing music. But if your device is not compatible with it, what would be the point of spending the extra money? Thus, first make sure of your device’s configurations before deciding on a speaker.

Features that Need Not be a Must-Have

There are quite a few models to choose from when you look for best Bluetooth speakers in India under 5000. They vary in their price depending upon the number of functions that they offer.

You can have the most basic Bluetooth Speaker whose only job is to play music to the slightly more advanced ones that come with flash-lights and an option to charge your mobile as well. It all depends on you and your requirements whether you need all those extra options or not. Be calm and judicious and don’t get bedazzled by all those fancy words, when selecting the best wireless Bluetooth speakers.

Battery and Charging

As mentioned above, the more features a speaker has, the sooner it will run out of battery. Thus, it is advisable to go for ones that have inbuilt batteries that can be charged (just like your Smartphone) instead of those with removable batteries that need to be replaced.

You should also, with due diligence, think about the battery backup of the model that you plan on purchasing. I would advise you to ask your friends whose needs match yours and who have already been using some of these speakers.

Now, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in India.

Top 10+ Best Bluetooth & Wireless Speakers under Rs.5000 in 2018 – India Overview Chart

Top 10+ Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 5000 Reviews + Buyer’s Guide 2018 :

1. Philips BT-4200/94 – Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Red)

Philips has been a trusted name in all Indian households for a long time and their speakers, too, stand true to the quality. Not only is the BT-4200 appealing to the eyes with their sleek design and red colour, but it also has quite a few things going on for them.

Apart from being such an eye candy, these speakers also have USB charging and their Bluetooth range is up to 10 meters. They have a good built-in battery that can be charged fully within 40-60 minutes and then gives a powerful backup of up to 3 hours of non-stop fun. These Bluetooth speakers are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms and therefore, can be used with a variety of devices.

It is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty that is valid for a year. The sound quality is what makes it one of the best wireless speakers under 5000. Of course, it can’t be a home-theatre level good, but it is quite exceptional in this price range. It is lightweight and performs well even at high volumes which most speakers can’t.

  • It provides an excellent audio quality.
  • It has a lightweight and sleek design.
  • Its connectivity and battery backup is extremely good.
  • The pricing of this speaker is also very competitive.
  • Song selection can be changed directly via speakers too.
  • The body of these speakers is made entirely of plastic which makes it a bit fragile, although very light.
  • No USB or SD card support to play music.

Final Verdict

These speakers are light in weight, trendy to look and deliver superb quality sound even at high volumes. They are also quite a steal that this price range. I’ve used them for a while, I loved them and would highly recommend them if they meet your specifications.

2. JBL GO – Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

The main USP of this Bluetooth speaker is that it packs quite a punch in a really small form. When it comes to being portable and handy, this is the one that beats all others. Standing at just slightly bigger than 8 X 3 X 7 (cm) in dimensions, it can practically fit in the palm of your hands.

It supports both Bluetooth and AUX cable plug-in. So, you can also connect it to your laptop or any other device while watching a movie or such. As can be expected because of the size, it is really light weighted. So, it doesn’t feel like a rock in your bag pack while you go camping.

Even though it has limited additional functions, it does deliver when it comes to the sound quality. It provides excellent echo and noise cancellation. And because the battery is not burdened with additional features, it gives an outstanding backup of up to 5 hours. There is also a built-in microphone that can be used for calls.

  • These speakers are extremely lightweight and compact.
  • The Battery backup is good.
  • The sound clarity for hands-free calling is excellent.
  • There is a slight volume distorts at an extremely high range.
  • These speakers are not meant for pro-bass use.

Final Verdict

If your only requirements are good quality sound and portability, then this is definitely one of the best speakers in India under 5000 for you. You don’t even have to turn the volume all the way up to feel the effect and the battery backup is an added bonus. For more information about this speaker, read this comprehensive JBL GO review.

3. Philips SBT30/27 – SoundShooter Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

This one has, quite probably, one of the unique designs when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. The outer layer is made of rubber that provides protection against bumps & fall which is ideal for rough handling. It can also be clipped to your belt, bag or keychain and hence, can be carried anywhere easily.

Its specialised design also delivers good quality sound. The music can be played both via Bluetooth or AUX cable and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Its performance is consistent with a long duration of time. It is both durable and effective. The battery backup is supposed to last 8 hours but can vary depending on the volume you use it at. There are only two buttons available on the body of the speaker; one to turn it on/off and the other to enable calls. All other functions are controlled via the music playing device itself.

  • It has a unique design with added protection from falls.
  • It comes with a universal USB jack for charging.
  • The connectivity of the speaker is good.
  • Its response time for charging is quick.
  • It can be used for calls.
  • There are no function buttons on the body.
  • You may experience volume distorts at high levels.

Final Verdict

If you camp or travel a lot, this is a great option. It can be clipped on easily to your gear and can be carried effortlessly. It can also survive rough handling and is definitely an option in case you are not usually careful with your gadgets.

4. JBL Flip 2 – Portable wireless speaker with 5-hour battery and speakerphone technology (Black)

This beauty is a personal favourite and what I am currently using for a while now. It is great for playing bass music. It comes with a bass port built in which ensures superior audio quality. Another great feature is the design. It’s a perfect cylinder that can easily fit inside your backpack, like a water bottle.

It distributes quality sound evenly in the entire room and is good for parties. The music can be played via Bluetooth or AUX and also supports NFC technology. Like most other top Bluetooth speakers under 5000, this one also comes with a built-in microphone. The noise and echo cancellation technology on this device is also quite commendable and the quality of the calls is always crystal clear. The battery backup of 5 hours is more than decent.

  • There are no distortions across all volume range.
  • These speakers provide a clear sound and have no Echo.
  • It comes with NFC connectivity.
  • The speakers boast of a sleek and classy black design.
  • They are fitted with Dual drivers.
  • Have to be handled carefully.
  • A lot of forged JBL products out in the market, have to be more careful while buying.

Final Verdict

JBL is one of the best when it comes to music-related products and their Flip series has been a hit ever since its launch. These are one of the best in the price range and delivers across a varied spectrum. They also have added nifty features like flash-lights, USB ports for mobile charging etc that makes them handy. To know more about this product, check out this detailed JBL Flip 2 review.

5. Logitech X300 – Bluetooth Speakers (Black/Brown)

Logitech is a trusted brand internationally and these speakers have a lot of features to look forward to. First of all, their angled design helps disperse the sound better and gives you as good a stereo surround sound experience as can be expected of a portable speaker. The bass is deep and the ranges of mid and high sounds are also good in quality.

It has a 3.5 mm audio jack in addition to the Bluetooth connectivity. The range of connection is 30 feet, which is quite competitive with other Bluetooth speakers below 5000. The battery backup, too, is at par with its contemporaries. One full charge allows you to listen to music for 5 hours non-stop.

  • It provides stereo quality sound.
  • It is compatible with a wide variety of music of different genres.
  • It is a compact size speaker.
  • There is very less distortion even at high volumes.
  • Lastly, the connectivity is great.
  • More suited for individual use rather than parties.

Final Verdict

Logitech has delivered a product that has a very compact design and superior audio quality. No matter whether you are into bass or rock or Indian classical music, you’d enjoy them all equally well with these speakers. Worth the price but be sure about the authenticity of the product before buying.

6. iBall Blu-FI X7 – Bluetooth Portable Speakers

These speakers from iBall are definitely a good choice at this competitive price range. But, the real reason that this product from iBall is grabbing eyeballs (too soon for the pun?) is the number of added functions it lets you enjoy. This speaker can also be used as your table clock. It has a LED display and an option to set alarms.

What distinguishes this speaker from the majority of the rest discussed here is that it has the option of both Micro SD card and FM Radio connectivity. So, you can enjoy music over a wider variety of sources than other speakers. To top it all off, it can also be controlled with a remote that comes with it.

  • It comes with FM connectivity.
  • It is Micro SD card enabled.
  • It has a Remote control.
  • It features noise cancellation technology.
  • It’s pricing is highly competitive.
  • The device memory can only remember one Bluetooth device at a time.
  • This speaker supports only Android devices.

Final Verdict

The sheer awesomeness of this product comes from the number of functions it offers and at the price that it does so. The LED display is bright and super-visible. The playback quality holds well even in FM mode. Overall, the battery performance is pretty decent as well.

7. Zoook Rocker Armor XL (30W) – Bluetooth Speaker with Twin Bass Radiators and 4400 mah Battery (Black)

As can be judged at the first look at these speakers, these are some heavy duty stuff. They have twin bass radiators and the impact of beats from these is truly exceptional. The design is such that it can undergo a lot. It is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, also dust proof, scratch proof and shockproof. In other words, they are as indestructible as it gets.

The sound quality is exceptional and the noise & echo cancellation is pretty good. Most important of all, these speakers can be connected to more than one device simultaneously. That is, at a given time, it can play music from up to 2 different devices and enhance the fun factor of the playback.

  • It provides stereo quality sound.
  • It comes with good customer service and post-purchase response.
  • These speakers are great for beats and impact centric music, better suited as compared to vocals.
  • It can really undergo rough use.
  • The battery backup varies from3-5 hours depending upon the volume.
  • It takes up considerably more time to get charged.

Final Verdict

These speakers from Zoook are definitely one of the most toughest and durable Bluetooth speakers under 5000. I have seen them take a fall and there wasn’t even a single scratch on the body and the sheer impact of the sound that you feel with them is truly amazing.

8. Sony SRS-X11 – Compact Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with NFC (Black)

In my personal opinion, no list of audio and sound equipment can be complete without featuring a Sony product. The audio quality in their Smartphone and other devices has been known to be the best in class. These speakers, too, add to that long list of high-quality sound delivery.

They also come with a speaker pairing function. Which means, if you have more than one of these, they can be connected to each other, place them across each other diagonally and you’ll have superior surround sound.

But the main catch of this speaker is the sleek and compact design. It can fit in your palm and yet delivers powerful audio. It’s definitely eye-catchy and available in 4 colours so you can have your pick. The connectivity is via Bluetooth as well as AUX cable and the battery backup of 12 hours is quite exceptional.

  • It offers one touch connectivity via NFC.
  • It can be used for Hands-free calling.
  • It provides 12-hour battery backup.
  • It has a better sound than most of the other speakers in this price range.
  • Not many control buttons on the body.
  • A bit on the costlier side, but within the price range.

Final Verdict

If you enjoy your music volumes up, these speakers won’t disappoint you. The sheer awesomeness of this can only be experienced once you use it. Though it is a bit costly if you can afford it be rest assured that you cannot go wrong with it.

9. Altec Lansing Mini H2O IMW257 – Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

The Altec Lansing Mini H20 is another rock solid and tough-guy sort of speaker that I have had a chance to use. It is perpetually everything proof, be it sand, shock, water, snow or scratch.

You can easily use it to play music underwater up to the depth of 1 meter. If that is not exceptional at this price, then I don’t know what is. However, after you have used these underwater, make sure that they are completely dry before playing them again, in order to avoid distortions.

It has a dual driver that delivers good quality sound. Also, it comes with a carabiner so you can easily attach it your belts and such for enhanced portability. The connectivity is through both Bluetooth and AUX cable and the connectivity range of the Bluetooth is up to 50 feet. It comes with a built-in microphone and a battery life that goes beyond its promised 6 hours.

  • It provides exceptional audio quality and delivers super bass.
  • It is durable, i.e. tough to damage.
  • It offers a high connectivity range.
  • These speakers are waterproof.
  • You may experience distortion when played at full volume.

Final Verdict

When considering to buy the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in India, this speaker is an amazing purchase. The best feature is definitely the underwater playback option. You just need to be careful to cover all ports, such as charging, while using it underwater. The name is not as well-known as JBL or Sony, but the product delivers all that it promises.

10. Portronics POR-280 – Sound Pot Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

These speakers are designed specially to deliver, superior quality bass. Apart from that, it is also very high on the style factor.

It is sleek and cylindrical in shape, with a rubberized exterior that looks and feels good.

It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The connectivity range is great too and you can get the clear audio up to 10 meters.

Simultaneous playback option is available. That means that it can be connected to more than one device simultaneously and you can enjoy your music.

There are also added light effects that can enhance your music experience. The battery backup is decent at 4-5 hour.

  • It provides great value for money.
  • It has a sleek finish.
  • For enhanced musical experience, it offers Lightning effect.
  • It comes with multiple connections.
  • It can get dirty easily, so you have to be careful about the surroundings.
  • It has a tendency to vibrate at high volumes, so handle it carefully.

Final Verdict

It is indeed an underrated brand but they surprise you with their performance. Everything about these speakers, the sound quality, the built quality and the look are as good as it gets. Though there are other speakers that are better in terms of quality but considering the price, these are definitely worth a try.


Bluetooth speakers are available in a wide range of price and functionality. There are best Bluetooth speakers under 1000 as well as best Bluetooth speakers under 2000. Some can even easily go as high up as Rs. 10,000-12,000. But unless you are really a professional musician or something and care about minute details, there is no point in spending so much.

Hopefully, this article will help you decide which one is the best-suited device for you from the best Bluetooth speakers in India under 5000. As it is clear, there are a variety of options to choose from, whatever be your needs and price range. A good equipment can make all the difference in setting up the mood of a party or even for personal use. So, choose wisely!