Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 3000 in India – Buyer’s Guide - August 2020

Best Bluetooth Speakers under Rs.3000

Hi All, hope you enjoyed reading our blog post on the best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000. Let’s get cracking!

Finding the best Bluetooth speaker can be a difficult task, especially, with so many brands and manufacturers in the market. However, to make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs.3000 that are currently ruling the market.

Each of the ten products is reviewed in a nutshell to give you a better idea about the features and benefits of the model.

So, with further ado, let’s begin.

How to Select the Best Bluetooth Speaker?

When it comes to choosing the best Bluetooth speakers in India for yourself, you have options aplenty. They are available in a wide variety of price range and functionality. The first and foremost consideration to be kept in mind is your needs. Also, it is usually a safe bet to go for brands that have already established a name for themselves in the audio industry. Other than that, here are a few pointers to keep in mind in your search for speakers.

Bluetooth Compatibility – Bluetooth rarely means just Bluetooth. There are different versions of Bluetooth available in the market now. Choose a speaker that supports the same version as your device. Buying a Bluetooth 4.0 speaker will do you no good if you have a Bluetooth 2.2 device.

Portability – The reason anyone opts for buying Bluetooth speakers is that they want to play wirelessly. So look for the speakers that have a wireless range that meets your needs. Do take into account whether you want to play inside a room or while out camping in a tent.

Durability – While buying, also check the built and material of the speaker that you are considering. If they are not equipped to handle the kind of duress you are going to put them through, it would be a poor option.

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Best Bluetooth Speakers under Rs.3000 in 2018 – India Overview Chart

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under Rs.3000 Reviews + Buyer’s Guide :

1. JBL GO – Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Blue)

Bluetooth speakers for all their advanced technology is but a simple electronic gadget at heart. JBL is an extremely popular brand in the market, highly known for its active and robust Bluetooth speakers that are the life of every party.

The versatile Bluetooth speaker with its wireless functionality can connect to any smartphone, laptop or tablet seamlessly. The dual drivers and DSP speakers offer an unmatched sound quality, while the built-in mic features can be used for making free Skype calls or for facetime.

The flexible operation, robust construction, and smart high-tech design are what makes the JBL Bluetooth speaker a top player in the gadget industry. It comes with an integrated mic function along with dual drives for clearer, crisper sound quality. The device offers a 5-hour backup when fully charged. With its incredible inbuilt bass, this Bluetooth-enabled device can be used anytime anywhere.

  • The JBL Bluetooth speakers are highly portable and come with a rechargeable battery.
  • The tight splash-proof construction of the speakers is immune to moisture, rusting and scratches.
  • Very compact and powerful, the sound quality offered by the gadget is amazing.
  • When connected as a speakerphone, it can optimize the device’s battery life by 10 hours.
  • Users have complained of slight distortion at higher volumes when playing particular tracks

Final Verdict

If you can get past this minor flaw, JBL GO will definitely get you all groovy when you turn the music on. Armed with a strong, durable splash-proof design, this JBL Bluetooth Speaker is a hit among both amateurs and professional. Other best JBL speakers in a higher price range category are JBL Charge 2 Plus and JBL Flip 2.

2. Corseca DM77101 – Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

Corseca is another major brand in the gadget market, known for launching unique and innovative speakers that gives your party the much needed extra oomph. The rechargeable NFC model can be easily connected to all devices and platforms.

This multi-purpose Bluetooth speaker can charge any connected devices. It can be used as an FM radio or to simply amplify the sound quality of your audio system.

The built-in mic, bass players, and 5600 mAH power bank support a variety of functions other than just amplifying the sound quality. With Corseca Bluetooth speaker, the users are free to make video calls, access online podcasts and vlogs as well as listen to the radio from a single platform.

Moreover, the 3.5 Aux and USB charging slot NFC-enabled functionality of the device, makes it perfect for holding business conferences and parties.

Listed below are the typical benefits and perks offered by the DM77101 model that makes it a hot favourite among users worldwide:

  • Superb battery life, very robust and durable construction.
  • Built-in microphone and bass settings account for a crisper, sharper sound quality than any other ordinary speaker.
  • The device is compatible with almost all platforms. You can connect it to your phone, iPod, tablet or laptop.
  • A versatile and flexible speaker option, this model can also be used for making Skype calls and holding conferences.
  • The chargeable battery can be connected to any nearby power source for a consistent, uninterrupted service.
  • The FM radio function is not up to par.

Final Verdict

If you’re a tech-savvy person, like me, who wants his speaker to do more than just play music, this could be the one for you. Yes, it’s not portable and that’s an issue, but the number of utilities it offers more than makes up for it.

3. Intex IT 15SBT – Bluetooth Speakers (Black)

Intex is a company known for manufacturing top-notch electronic gadgets that combine the best of style and functionality. The IT 15SBT Bluetooth speakers further uphold the brand’s reputation in the market.

The Intex IT Bluetooth speaker is a portable, lightweight and chargeable Bluetooth speaker that can be used anytime anywhere. Armed with exclusive perks such as BT calling, micro USB and FM functions, the speaker is a dream come true for all music enthusiasts and party lovers. The audio input jack with its standard port can be connected to any smartphone, TV, DVD player, laptop or tablet.

Replete with some cool features such as TF, BT-calling, Aux-in ports and integrated microphone, the Intex Bluetooth speaker is a user-friendly and easy-to-customise device. The original high-tech console features a list of well-labelled buttons and functions such as play, pause, forward, volume controls and LED lights, indicating the battery status and power mode.

The primary advantages of the Intex Bluetooth speaker are listed below in a nutshell:

  • Very compact and portable, the hanging design of the model makes it a convenient option for outdoor parties.
  • The robust and dependable dual Li-ion battery offers a consistent and long lasting power backup.
  • The framework also features an inbuilt micro USB port and DC charging interface for indicating the battery life and performance.
  • The overall framework is covered in vibrant & tacky colours that, though unique, are not very appealing to the senses.

Final Verdict

A simple speaker device, this model works towards creating a loud, clear and pure sound quality using minimum power. I remember I saw these speakers at a friend’s party and was damn impressed by the thump they produce. If you enjoy EDMs, you will love this speaker.

4. Philips BT4200A 94 – Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Blue)

When it comes to delivering competent electronic gadgets in the industry, Philips is the first name that comes to mind. A powerful brand in the device market, Philips is a company that commands respect and has a class of its own.Philips BT4200 Bluetooth speaker is best suited to tech-savvy geeks and party lovers.

The compact portable structure of the product is easy to carry around while the high-tech feature ensures a smoother operation. The built-in microphone, multi-purpose USB port further enhance the versatility and flexible operation of the device tenfold.

The Philips Bluetooth speaker is armed with a set of smart features such as voice calling, multi-platform compatibility and FM-port, making it a hit among consumers all over. From the USB cable to the 5mm Aux wires, everything about this model is perfect. Also, the smart console features a list of playing options such as volume control, bass settings, etc.

Following are a few advantages that users can enjoy if they opt for the Philips BT Bluetooth speaker model.

  • The plastic body is extremely light and comfortable to carry around.
  • The device is built as an eco-friendly equipment that saves a lot of power.
  • Also, the battery is pretty durable and can last for hours when fully charged.
  • There is no USB slot anywhere on the device, this limits the possibility of sending files and photos via the cloud.

Final Verdict

Built using a revolutionary power saving technology, the model offers unmatched battery backup and a long-lasting, consistent performance. With all the super useful features and functions, it certainly deserves a spot on my list of the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000.

5. Portronics POR 137 – Portable Wireless Bluetooth (Black)

Portronics is a relatively new player in the gadget industry that has quickly earned a reputation in the market for their appealing and robust device designs. This powerful Bluetooth speaker leaves a good first impression and offers users both wired and wireless connectivity options, i.e. you can either share the network over a Bluetooth or connect it directly to a PC or mobile via USB cable.

Now that we have discussed the stylish appearance, let us move on to discuss the intricate technicalities of the device in detail. You can even connect the speaker to an external device and share the network on a wider scale.

The smart hands-free functionality of the speaker enables you to take up conference calls. The rich sound quality of the speakers is not found anywhere else. Moreover, the battery is easily available in any electronic store.

Mentioned below are the main benefits of using this Bluetooth speaker.

  • Sleek, stylish and sophisticated, the model is a treat for the senses.
  • The USB ports, SD slots, and other cables only add onto the accessibility and versatility of the machine.
  • Hands-free calling and a robust FM player.
  • Long lasting battery backup of 8 hours in a single charge.
  • The POR 137 model is a bit heavy. Works fine within the home, but can be a bother for outdoor use.

Final Verdict

From outdoor parties to your workstation, this sleek and stylish speaker can be utilised anywhere. If you are choosy about the looks, let me assure you that these pairs can increase the glamour your home manifold.

6. Circle Muze – Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Circle Muze is another young company that has managed to reach new heights in the gadgets industry, thanks to its innovative and unique electronics. This noise cancellation, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, for instance, is replete with some amazing features, making it an instant hit among customers across the globe.

The Circle Muze Bluetooth speaker is a compact, lightweight, and waterproof device. Plus, the vibrant, multicoloured framework is splash-proof, scratch resistant and durable enough to withstand the test of time.

Moving on to the technical features, the Circle Muze has a unique noise cancellation feature that minimises the external disturbances and the sound filtering feature that provides a clear sound quality. The Aux-in slots and USB ports on the frame enhance the connectivity and efficiency of the model tenfold. Moreover, the multicoloured speakers come with a set of volume controls for hands-free Bluetooth calling.

  • Attractive and stylish construction featuring colourful LED lights for better controls.
  • Bluetooth enabled music and hands-free calling feature.
  • Hands-free calling and a robust FM player.
  • The micro SD card slot allows faster data transfers and better connectivity.
  • The battery life is not up to par when compared with other similar products. (only 6 hours battery backup on a single charge.)

Final Verdict

Circle Muze with its sturdy, innovative construction and responsive design is best suited for personal use. If you are looking for a perfect pair of speakers for a house-party, then do consider giving it a try.

7. SoundBot SB571 – Bluetooth Speakers (Red/Black)

SoundBot is another major name in the gadget industry known for its top-notch speakers and other electronic devices. The SB571 Bluetooth speaker is a revolutionary speaker that stands apart from its peers, thanks to the construction and features provided.

SoundBot SB571 is a device that specializes in providing best quality party music and sound quality to liven up your occasions. The compact, rugged yet elegant construction of the product, features a unique ergonomic design, that provides better handling and durability. The 40mm premium speakers further add on to the efficiency and power of the product.

The model is versatile and can be connected to any platform or device. The 6W + 6W bass and HD loudspeakers provide unmatched sound quality and performance. The external audio ports, Aux-in slots and 3.0 Bluetooth connectivity and live streaming feature boost the product’s overall performance.

  • Flexible usage – can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Unmatched sound quality with the 40mm premium speakers.
  • Continuous 12 hours of music streaming and 10-hour battery backup.
  • Not desirable if you play more instrumental music.

Final Verdict

Owing to its versatile features and flexible construction, this model is a hit for both indoor and outdoor use.

8. Portronics Sublime – Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portronics Sublime is a Bluetooth speaker brand that is known for its heavy-duty, commercial-quality electronics that are suited for parties, corporate events and large get-together.

The overall design of the model screams out sophistication. A bit on the heavier side, the device can be difficult to move around. The rectangular cuboid shape of the product has all its settings on the right hand. The high-tech console allows dynamic volume adjustment and efficiency, while the integrated settings built inside the system allow a crisp, loud and sound quality.

The device is armed with a set of useful and robust technical features that not only enhance the performance of the speaker but also save a lot on time and power. The rubber coat wrapping around the left, right and top of the speaker protects the device from wear and tear. Moreover, the console is set on the top-side of the model. Additional accessories include a USB and an Aux-in port.

Listed below are the main advantages users can enjoy if they decide to invest in this unit:

  • The reliable, robust and responsive framework is among the smartest gadgets you will find right now.
  • The 3.5 mm standardized Aux and a 37000 mAh battery enhance its performance.
  • Can be connected to all platforms and devices.
  • Connectivity gets a bit distorted at more than 15 feet.
  • Doesn’t have an SD card port.

Final Verdict

The Portronics Bluetooth speaker is a one of a kind electronic gadgets that combine the best of strength and style. I have seen these speakers adding life to a number of high-profile events, that I have had the opportunity to attend.

9. Jabra DRIVE Car – Bluetooth Speakerphone (White)

The Jabra DRIVE is considered to be among the most primitive and user-friendly Bluetooth speakers on the market that can be used with both cars and indoor electronic gadgets. Replete with a number of high-tech features and functions, the brand is a well-known name among gadgets enthusiasts.

The Jabra Drive is a Bluetooth speaker device that features a single speaker and a single omnidirectional microphone with three buttons, two for volume control settings and one to activate voice recognition.

This model has all the basic functionalities to assist you in the car driving. From voice recognition to radio and music player, the speaker does it all. The crystal clear sound quality and DPS voice recognition system along with multiple pairing of devices on a single network adds up to the versatility of the speaker.

Mentioned below are all the reasons why the Jabra Drive is a lucrative buy for you. Check out our list of the advantages of the Bluetooth speaker:

  • Very simple, realistic, and minimal design that is energy efficient and time-saving.
  • Flexible and versatile – you can play games, share music, listen to podcasts, make live phone and video calls.
  • The device offers users a lucrative package where a 20-hour top-up and validity gives them a 30-day standby period.
  • The Bluetooth speaker is compatible with all electronic gadgets.
  • The plastic is fragile and brittle, made of inferior quality.

Final Verdict

A very straightforward and minimalistic gadget, the product is popular among novice users who are not used to handling the complex operations of high-end Bluetooth speakers.

10. AmazonBasics – Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

The AmazonBasics Bluetooth speaker is a lightweight and portable speaker that can be used on any platform or device. Connect it to your laptop, mobile phone, or any other electronic gadget, and it works seamlessly everywhere.

The Bluetooth speaker framework features plastic construction that is both lightweight and durable enough to last a long time. Also, the grill inset design of the model that covers the 3W speakers adequately protects and enhances the sound quality and volume.

Additional accessories include a micro USB cable and a user manual. The product does not come with a charger. You need to connect it to a USB port for charging the battery.

Armed with a high-tech interface and smart console, this Bluetooth speaker has almost all the necessary features you could ask for. There is an inbuilt microphone, a USB port, Aux-in slots and customizable features such as volume control and bass settings.

  • The simple yet attractive design is very easy to operate on.
  • The built-in microphone caters to all your phone calls and video conferences.
  • The sleek, stylish framework of the device is easy to carry around.
  • The framework of the speaker, though attractive, is way too glossy and high on maintenance.

Final Verdict

A single generic Bluetooth speaker, the AmazonBasics model is ideal for first-time users and works well for small social gatherings and parties.


Bluetooth speakers are an amazing gadget for anyone having a smartphone or a tablet. The Top 10 best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 mentioned above are just some of the best brands available in the market. Consider the technicalities and features carefully before making a purchase.

Also, for those interested in other Bluetooth speakers, in a lower price range category, here is a guide of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers under 1000 and those who have a high budget, here is a complete list of the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000.