Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 2000 in India – Buyer’s Guide - August 2020

Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 2000 in India

Hi there, here we are again with another guide along the same lines as our previous blog the best Bluetooth speakers under 1000. So let’s dive right in!

Since the invention of electricity, there has been lots of research done towards the elimination of wires from the connection equation.

The Bluetooth is one of the major achievements towards that motion. Some of the most common applications have been found in mobile devices as well as other audio devices generally.

Bluetooth speakers are one of the prime audio streaming devices that allow us the excitement of not having to deal with wires and entanglements and still get high-quality sound transmitted from and to where ever we deem necessary, within the reasonable space.

The best part of technology innovation is having a simpler version do better than the primitive and complicated precedent.

The benefits of Bluetooth speakers are all encompassed in the ease that comes with its use. One of the major complications that come with devices generally is having wires all tangled up, or even worse, damaged internally. The Bluetooth speakers get rid of this possibility.

In our previous article, we looked at the best Bluetooth speakers that are available on the market. Today we’ll take a look at the best Bluetooth speakers in India under 2000.

Top 10+ Best Bluetooth & Wireless Speakers under Rs.2000 in 2018 – India Overview Chart

These speakers have been chosen according to the buying guide highlighted below, in relation to customer satisfaction reviews as well as the star ratings on

Top 10 Things To Consider When Buying The Best Speakers under Rs.2000

Bluetooth speakers house many features that rightly make it look complicated and expensive. However, complicated and expensive isn’t a trademark found in Bluetooth speakers under 2000 Rupees.

Nevertheless, at that price range, we are determined to get you the best features that can be fitted to give you the best user Bluetooth experience at your financial convenience.

This guide is focused on helping you with your purchase, such that you get the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 Rupees.

1. Size and Design

These two features are the most common trends in technology, and their combination defines portability and style. Even if the features are super incredible, no one wants to be seen with an oversized and awful looking beatbox. Therefore, irrespective of the features you seek; make sure that moving around with it will not be a burden to you. Cool colours are better for fashionable compatibility and easier maintenance.

2. Build Quality

The quality of the material, as well as that of the components, should be put into consideration too. Seeing as the device would be connected, and played at various volumes and genres of sounds, the casing, and other components must be strong enough to deliver without compromise. Rubberized coatings, as well as other rubber-textured material, are the most advisable.

3. Speaker Quality

The size and quality of the speaker are major contenders that determine the overall quality of the device itself. Bigger speakers deliver better sound but compromise the style and portability of the device. On the other hand, smaller speakers are portable, but mostly have lower quality and are prone to distortion at moderately high volumes. You might have to choose between those two features in terms of portability and quality.

4. Good Bluetooth connectivity

The connectivity has a lot to do with the sound delivery. Therefore, even at a 10-meter range, the connection must be strong enough to deliver the best quality of sound without cracking or distortion.

5. Compatibility

You are buying the device because you want to connect it to your device (laptop or phone). With this in mind, make sure that the Bluetooth speaker is compatible with your device. Don’t just assume. In some cases, people have had issues with connecting the device to their laptop. In the least case, test for compatibility before the warranty expires.

6. Ease of use

Apart from being able to connect it to your device easily, you should have an easy operation on the device itself. The pause and play, as well as the volume adjustment buttons, should be as simple as possible irrespective of the design of the device.

7. Extensions

The major upgrades in tech devices are not just an improvement in the quality of delivery, but an addition to the features. Some Bluetooth devices have storage spaces for memory cards, USB ports, FM radio, and a carry case, among others, are major considerable add-ins that would make our purchase worth it.

8. Durability

The speaker should be able to withstand harsh conditions, including simple water splashes. While waterproof Bluetooth speakers are the best, not all devices are equipped with this technology, however, most of them are at least splash proof. Basically, these portable speakers are used for fun gatherings, which might include the pool or windy and dusty areas. Its resistance to these conditions should be of standard.

9. Power

This is a big deal. The kind of battery depends on your preference – rechargeable or not. Whatever you choose, make sure that you are capable of replenishing after power drainage. If you constantly travel to areas without electricity, like beaches, or camping in the wild, you should get speakers that use replaceable batteries. You take as much as you want on your journey. However, for in-house use, you could use rechargeable, and charge the batteries whenever it runs out of charge.

10. Price

The most expensive products always have the coolest features like in the case of these best Bluetooth speakers under 5000. However, there are some best Bluetooth speakers that combine a majority of these features and still come at an affordable price range

Top 10+ Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 2000 Reviews + Buyer’s Guide 2018

1. Logitech X100 – Best Bluetooth mobile speaker

The Logitech brand is a well-entrenched industry giant with regards to wireless Bluetooth speakers and is generally popular for manufacturing good quality accessories.

The speaker in the X100 is so adorably small that you’ll be tempted to keep your expectations rational. However, you’ll find that you don’t need to as Logitech’s standard of quality shines evidently in its design, making it one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 rupees.

Product Highlights & Features

DesignShape and sizeConnectivityBatteryDistortion at high volumes

It is made with a fully rubberized body and the top area of the speaker houses the power, the volume up and down keys, which can also be used to skip in between tracks and the Bluetooth pairing buttons. Meanwhile, the 3.5 mm jack and the micro USB port used for charging are positioned just slightly beneath the buttons. The Bluetooth button is also multifunctional in that it can be used to answer/end calls, pause/resume playback and to pair the speaker with a device.

This small, colourful, sturdy device is the lightest Bluetooth speaker you are likely to find on the market today. It has a 3.3 inches round shape and weighs 161 grams looking just like a shower speaker. It also has a loop at the tip that makes hanging it possible. It comes with a wrist and back cord that makes taking it everywhere you go very easy.

When you need to pair the Logitech X100, all you simply need do is to turn on the Logitech X100. Wait for the pairing light to start blinking and you can then pair with the device of your choice. The Logitech X100 has a 30 ft. wireless Bluetooth range. This Bluetooth speaker doesn’t have the NFC feature but can also be connected using a 3.5 mm auxiliary jack on the speaker. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The battery life of this speaker is about 4-6 hours and you will only need to charge it after 3-4 days depending on how frequently you use it. This battery life expresses the advantage that comes with rechargeable batteries because it can serve you without carrying extra batteries.

Generally, small speakers are distorted at very high volumes but no such thing happens with the Logitech X100. The tendency for distortion of sounds produced by the speaker is a key factor to consider before purchase. However, the small-sized speakers used in the Logitech X100 have this covered to a reasonable degree.

  • The sound is clear and there’s no distortion at high volumes doing good justice to most audio.
  • It’s available in different colours
  • It has great battery life
  • It features speakerphone capabilities
  • It doesn’t feature FM radio
  • No memory card slot present
  • It’s not waterproof or dustproof

2. Phillips BT50B – Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

There are many compact and ultra-portable speakers available on the market now and among the multitude, you can still get wireless Bluetooth speakers like the Philips BT50B that offer quality, brand reliability and remain affordable.

This Bluetooth speaker performs up to the expectations and demands of so many people as regards its design and sound. Its quirky design, impressive sound quality and easy pairing options will make you want to read about it and maybe get a Philips BT50B, being one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000. Read this Philips BT50B review for further information.

Product Highlights & Features

DesignShape and sizeConnectivityBatterySound distortion

The Philips BT50B has a sleek design with little architectural features that add tangible value to its competence and a volume button quirk that’s quite lovely. It features a volume knob which is sort of a novel idea compared to the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 Rs.

The volume knob makes operating it easier and the top of the Philips BT50B has different buttons, one of them being the Bluetooth audio and the other being the button made for Bluetooth pairing/call end button.

It gives natural audio sounds across all frequency spectrums and produces as much bass as it can handle due its size. It has a powerful satellite speaker and woofer that produces quality sound and the wooden enclosure present in the Philips BT50B helps in understanding the clarity.

The Philips BT50B is a cylindrical Bluetooth speaker and it comes in three-colour combinations. It is 1.37 inches thick, 7.91 inches long and weighs 900 grams.

Next to this key is the little space dedicated to the NFC function and tapping this area with your NFC-enabled smartphone does the pairing. The other side features the auxiliary 3.5mm jack and a micro USB port, which you can also use in connecting your speaker to an audio device.

Using the Bluetooth connectivity is very easy; all you need to do is slide the switch to the Bluetooth pairing mode, search for the audio device on your smartphones Bluetooth setting and then pair up. It has the capability of pairing with Bluetooth version 4 and below and has a Bluetooth range of 30 ft.

It features a built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that has an operating time of about 6 hours that lets you enjoy music clutter free.

One hallmark of the BT50B is that it produces undistorted sound in the normal volume range and it handles simple music efficiently at volumes in about 45- the sound 85% of the total volume. It features a 2-Watt speaker and an anti-clipping functionality that keeps music louder without distortion even at low battery level.

  • It has great cylindrical design and it’s portable
  • The volume knobs are very effective
  • It has both NFC and Bluetooth functions for connection
  • The speaker produces decent and balanced sound with its built in amplifier
  • It’s easy and fast to setup
  • The front panel placement of the volume, bass and treble adjustment controls makes it easier to use
  • Low battery life at 5 hours
  • It has no AUX cable included

3. SoundBot SB571 – Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The SoundBot SB571 is the most popular Bluetooth wireless speaker from the SoundBot Company. It makes the best out of your songs with great quality output and improved overall experience as compared to other products from this brand.

Its amazing output sound and quality build make it one of the most recommended reasonably priced fashionable speaker.

Product Highlights & Features

DesignShape and sizeConnectivityBattery

The SoundBot SB571 weighs a bit more than other low-cost speakers seeing as it has more features in comparison to other speakers in its price range. It is made of rubber-coated plastic all-round. The buttons to control the speaker are made of the same rubber material and are on top of the speaker, so it should not have any issues when it encounters a light rain. With the SoundBot SB571, you have a Bluetooth speaker with two 40mm drivers that gives a 6-Watt audio output and surprises you with its performance.

The SoundBot SB157 Bluetooth Speaker is a small, sturdy and lightweight Speaker measuring 6 x 2 x1.6 inches and weighs 340 grams only.

This speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000rs as it offers Bluetooth 3.0 audio wireless connectivity making streaming very easy. It has universal compatibility with Android, iOS devices, tablets, mp4 & mp3 players and other media devices that have an AUX port or Bluetooth enabled digital players. The connection can also be done with micro-USB port and from its 3.5mm AUX jack. Its Bluetooth range is 33 ft. long, the SoundBot SB571 uses Bluetooth v3.0 + HS and is solid for streaming music.

It features a 1000mAh rechargeable battery that guarantees 10 hours of playback time and an average of 3 hours charging time.

  • Features two 6W HD loud speakers with deep bass and 40mm premium speaker drivers suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It is able to connect to media devices with or without Bluetooth capability with its 3.5mm audio link in
  • It has both NFC and Bluetooth functions for connection
  • About 10 hours of playback time with seamless audio streaming powered by the version 3.0 Bluetooth connectivity at a maximum distance of 33 feet.
  • Fashionable, compact, universal compatibility and stylish design
  • Up to 12 hours of use when connected with the 3.5mm audio port.
  • Distortions at maximum volume level
  • It is heavier than most Bluetooth speakers of its size

4. Zoook ZB Rocker 2 – Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Many manufacturers in the portable speaker industry are not settling to offer just the ordinary wireless Bluetooth speakers any longer. Just like most other makers of Bluetooth speakers, Zoook produces speakers, which do not just make a great sound but offer value for money with other great features. That is what you get with the Zoook ZB Rocker 2.

Product Highlights & Features

DesignShape and sizeConnectivityBattery
Designed with utmost care to satisfy the ears and eyes, it has an ergonomic outlook and design for easy usage. Heavier speakers tend to produce better quality sound making the speaker a little less portable.

The Zoook ZB Rocker 2 has an audio Wattage of 10 watts and a 2-speaker system that is small in size but still offers unbelievable room-filling, clear HD sound output. The reason behind this superb acoustic capability is the addition of the double neodymium magnet along with a large diaphragm that is able to deliver clear mids and highs with strong bass effects. This Bluetooth speaker can connect to other devices in different ways including AUX or micro USB, Bluetooth or TF card that enables easy media playback and sharing.

It weighs 1.5 pounds, which makes it quite heavy compared to most of the other portable Bluetooth speakers under 2000.

With a Bluetooth version 2.1+EDR and a range of 10 meters, you would enjoy the multi-dimensional audio output that Zoook has to offer. Though this Bluetooth speaker performs quite well in terms of quick and easy connection with devices like the Android, iOS phones, and other mp3 or mp4 Bluetooth enabled devices, it is not compatible with Windows phones.

The Zoook ZB Rocker speaker boasts a powerful battery of 4400mAh lithium-ion battery, which ensures uninterrupted and longer playback hours up to 10 hours. The battery performance of this Bluetooth speaker can be increased when you turn off the LED lights not forgetting that it takes approximately 4-7 hours to charge and supports simultaneous charge and use the function.

  • This speaker produces a balanced sound with ample bass which makes listening to music really soothing.
  • Sound is presumably large enough to cover 3 large rooms without turning up the volume to the highest
  • It supports simultaneous charge and use function and this is a worthy addition that ensures you enjoy uninterrupted music pleasure
  • Super connectivity options means you can connect devices to the speaker using a pen drive, micro SD card, TF card, AUX or Bluetooth technology
  • The lights are awesome with six different patterns and they help to dictate the mood when listening to music especially in a small party situation.
  • This Bluetooth speaker is a bit heavier than the average Bluetooth speaker under 2000 rupees.
  • Sound gets a bit distorted when volume is set to high levels

5. HP S6500 – Wireless Mini Speakers

It’s popular knowledge that the wireless Bluetooth speaker industry is quite vast for lots of audiophiles to make decisions about what they like most in satisfying their need for top quality sound.

Wireless Bluetooth speakers make up a chunk of the number in the portable speaker industry. You want a Bluetooth speaker to have lots of features in terms of battery performance, excellent audio, style and in the HP S6500, you’ve got all these.

This speaker will be ideal for many audiophiles. It looks as good as it sounds with its soft touch black or white paint.

Product Highlights & Features

DesignShape and sizeConnectivityBattery

You can enjoy your high-quality audio anywhere with its stylish sound quality that is spread around with its top firing audio driver. You are in control of any action you might want to perform with the strategically designed buttons. This speaker has a peak power rating of 2.4 peaks and a total RMS power of 2 watts, which makes sound produced by this speaker decent enough. Although there is no memory card slot and RCA jack, this wireless Bluetooth speaker has a power On/Off indicator.

When you buy the HP S6500 wireless mini speaker, what you get is a package, which is portable enough to take anywhere and weighs 384 g, this wireless Bluetooth speaker is one of the lightest on the market.

It can be connected to many devices including Android and iOS smartphones, Windows phone, tablets, PCs and many other devices that support the Bluetooth via a 3.5mm AUX audio port although it does not come with the AUX cable.

This Bluetooth speaker has a Bluetooth range of 30 feet for connecting your device and uses a Bluetooth version 4.0 for seamless audio streaming. When you need to connect the speaker using a USB cable or audio cable, all you need to do is to twist the compartment cover downward so you can see the USB port and audio port and then insert the cable into the port on the speaker and the port on the device.

The HP S6500 combines up to 10 hours of great audio playback with a charging time of 4 hours.

  • Sound from this speaker only gets distorted at high volumes as it approaches the 90% level.
  • This Bluetooth speaker features Bluetooth version 4 technology that makes streaming audio very easy
  • It can be connected using both a USB cable and an audio cable
  • It has good design that makes it light, sturdy, compact and easy to take along anywhere you go
  • It has a Bluetooth range of 30 ft. and a battery life 10 hours long
  • Its portability prevents it from producing better sounds as mostly found in heavier speakers.

6. Zoook Rocker M2 – 5 in 1 Hi-Fi Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

The Zoook Rocker M2’s strong point is its versatility. The Zoook brand is known as a consumer technology company focused on audio products that thrill.

So far, the Zoook Rocker M2 is one of the best choices for people trying to satisfy the need for almost perfect audio quality.

Product Highlights & Features

DesignShape and sizeConnectivityBattery

It has onboard controls like the On/Off switch, Mode button, Previous track/Next track, Play/Pause and a Volume slider that makes controlling the speaker very easy and fast. The driver of this speaker has the capacity to produce good bass levels which you can maximize by tweaking the sound with an equalizer to make the sound well balanced. Its design makes filling the room with a great sound very easy for the Zoook Rocker M2 as it’s built with a 10 Watt 3 inches subwoofer.

The Zoook Rocker M2 speaker is lightweight, portable and comes in a black colour. The design quality and the finishing of the speaker are decent and at 2.9 lbs., it is very lightweight and its cylindrical shape makes it easy to fit into any backpack or travel bag.

It can connect to 99% of all devices available and at 2 feet more than the usual Bluetooth range; this speaker has a massive 32 feet range for maximum mobility.

If you otherwise want to use with wired connection then the 3.5mm AUX Jack is available to plug directly into your Speaker. You can stream your audio wirelessly via Bluetooth with the advanced Bluetooth technology A2DP Stereo playback on the Zoook Rocker M2 speaker, which also makes it easier to pair your Speaker with other devices.

The battery of the Zoook Rocker M2 is very good and it has 7-8 hours on Bluetooth with volume in the medium range. Its inbuilt 3000mAh battery takes 5 hours to get fully charged using a 1amp USB charger.

  • The Zoook Rocker M2 Bluetooth speaker has 5 versatile ways of streaming audio – Bluetooth, FM, AUX, USB, and SD card connectivity function
  • It features the A2DP Stereo playback that makes streaming audio seamless
  • No distortion noticed at high volumes
  • It has a 32 feet Bluetooth range that ensures maximum mobility
  • It’s very good for large halls and outdoor use because of its high volume output.
  • It requires longer time to charge than many wireless speakers in its range because it has high battery capacity
  • The Zoook Rocker M2 speaker isn’t fully water resistant
  • It has low bass and more treble/vocals in its default setting, you might need an equalizer to balance the sound

7. The Lightning Power – JBL Charge 2 – Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This portable speaker is dominating the wireless Bluetooth speaker market. This particular lightning power brand has much more to offer than its predecessors. Their main purpose makes sure that every customer is satisfied, and have supported this by having an 80% availability for complaints and inquiries.

The features that put this product on our top 10 list are highlighted below;

Product Highlights & Features

DesignSize and shapeConnectivityBattery

The JBL Charge 2 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is made of materials that make it water-resistant giving it durability and extra protection.

This extra protection is exhibited in its splash proof structure. Even though it is not entirely waterproof, you have less to worry about when in use at a poolside, beach or relative areas. There is a passive bass radiator on both ends of the cylinder that produces low frequencies while its dual 45mm drivers effortlessly deliver 15W through the main speaker grilles that take most of the space in the JBL Charge 2. An upgrade to this speaker is also available and is named as JBL Charge 2 Plus. To know more about it read this JBL Charge 2 Plus Review.

The JBL Charge 2 is available in different colours and its 1.3-pound lightweight and slim fit quality makes it very portable and easier to travel with.

Its versatility means it can pair up with up to three Bluetooth devices all at the same time and it also features speakerphone functionality. It also features a 3.5mm AUX port for when you want to connect to your speaker with a cable.

The battery life for the charge 2 is roughly 10 hours and the USB port lets the speaker serve as a power bank for your mobile devices.

Distortion at high volumes: The compact and portable, splash proof JBL Charge 2 offers a solid Bluetooth audio experience at mid volume levels but distortion creeps in on tracks with very intense bass. It produces rich and crisp sound with an impressive sense of bass, but audio with very deep lows will make the speaker distort badly at top volumes. However, this relative problem depends on the kind of music or audio you listen to.

  • The speaker is lightweight and sturdy
  • It has 3mm thick Lycra cushion that protects your speaker by making it water resistant
  • It features a Zippered closure that allows easy access to the speaker.
  • This speaker produces crisp audio that has rich performance ideal for most genres of music.
  • Distortions occur heavily when playing tracks with high sub-bass level. This means that you may not be able to increase volume to very high volume levels.
  • Navigating between tracks using the On-board track navigation function can be a bit tricky.
  • The volume is only moderately loud and might not be suitable for outdoor use, so if you want to use this speaker regularly for outdoor gatherings, this is not for you.

8. Philips BT-50A/00 – Best 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Like it or love it, the Philips brand has regularly produced products that thrill with special functions or just doing the normal things better than others and it’s no different in the wireless Bluetooth speaker industry.

This Phillips BT-50A/00 ensures you live life with music streamed seamlessly from one sturdy, round and portable speaker. If you need to pick one that suits your style, then you are covered because this comes in different colours.

Product Highlights & Features

DesignShape and sizeConnectivityBatteryDistortions at high volumes

The Philips BT-50A/00 is a compact, round and easy-to-carry speaker that is small enough to fit in your fist. It comes in two different bright colours. The speaker contains a 1.5-inch driver with a built-in amplifier that makes sure that the speakers do not go beyond its maximum capability, making distortion impossible without affecting the sound.

The BT-50A looks stylish in its matt finish in a good quality plastic. Usually, you’ll experience a drop in the quality of sound when you play audio via a 3.5mm jack compared to when you stream via Bluetooth but for the Philips BT-50, the sound quality was the same which is an advantage.

The clarity experienced with this speaker is so impressive with the boom bass, which makes it one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 despite its weight of 91 g and product dimensions of 6.1 x 6.1 x 7.6 cm.

This speaker has a good Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet and it supports almost all Bluetooth devices be it new or old. The Philips BT-50A/00 works between Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.0, meaning it supports the A2DP, HFP as well as AVRCP Bluetooth profile to ensure that the speaker will definitely support your device because most devices support one of these profiles.

It comes with a battery that offers average battery life with a music playback time of 6 hours.

The anti-clipping function present in the Philips BT-50A/00 allows it produce distortion-free loud music. With this function, you can play louder music with the same high quality even when the battery is low. It accepts a range of 300 mV to 1000 mV input signals and makes sure sound from your speaker is distortion-free.

  • The Philips BT50 is stylish and has an awesome design
  • It takes less time to charge
  • It has impressive Bluetooth connectivity range of 10m
  • Its small size makes it easy to fit into your pocket.
  • Sound is very clear.
  • AUX cable is not included
  • There’s no volume control or play/pause button on the device
  • Its backup time of 6 hours is not so good.
  • It cannot connect with more than one device at a time.
  • The finish tends to scrape off, so you will need to keep it away from abrasion as much as possible.

9. Zoook ZB-JAZZ – Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Bringing a wireless portable Bluetooth speaker to a gathering is one of the nicest things you can do for friends when you are on an outing.

However, not all portable Bluetooth speakers are suitable for outdoor use especially in environments of different elements.

The Zoook ZB-JAZZ is a portable speaker well designed and performs excellently for both outdoor and indoor use in diverse environments.

Product Highlights & Features

DesignShape and sizeConnectivityBatteryDistortions at high volumes

This speaker is a blend of specific stylish outlook and high-quality performance making it not just one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 rupees but also one of the most fashionable wireless mini speakers on the market.

It features a music flash mode where the LED lights flash when the music is playing with spectral light effects that make listening to music more interesting. It combines high-end Stereo sound quality with portability and a sturdy build. The inbuilt microphone feature in the Zoook ZB-JAZZ provides a hands-free function that comes in very handy for phone calls.

This speaker is a lightweight speaker with dimensions of 14.2 x 7.6 x 7.2 cm making it relatively small compared to other portable speakers.

With a Bluetooth connection range of about 33 feet, you can enjoy wireless streaming of music easily. There are multiple ways of connecting audio to this wireless Bluetooth speaker – USB pen drive, TF card, 3.5mm AUX cable and FM radio. It makes use of the 2.1 + EDR Bluetooth version, which ensures that there is universal compatibility with almost any device that you might have.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged via a USB charging port and has up to 5 hours of playback time, although this playback time is a bit low compared to other Bluetooth speakers under 2000. This speaker takes about 4-5 hours to get fully charged.

In addition to these features, it has a total harmonic distortion of 1%, a standard rating for a speaker in this range. This means the sound from this speaker is distorted only at very high volumes.

  • The Zoook ZB-JAZZ is fashionable, has great design and a sturdy build that makes it a very good mini Bluetooth speaker.
  • Nice LED lights and voice notification for battery discharge.
  • It has a set of nice buttons that makes controlling the speaker easier than most.
  • It has great Bluetooth connectivity
  • The Zoook ZB-JAZZ has multiple input options
  • Its compact build is accompanied with good sound quality
  • The On/Off button is a bit difficult to use when pen drive is connected
  • The LED has to be switched off every time if you do not need it, to avoid battery drainage.
  • There is no option available for fast forwarding songs played over Bluetooth or TF card.
  • Sound gets distorted at full volume


Conclusively, having gone through this amazing list and reviews of products that fit the descriptions you seek, you should have no trouble picking one that suits your needs. However, make sure your choice is based on qualities that are tailored to your environment and kind of music. Furthermore, to view other high-end portable and wireless Bluetooth speakers, read this guide on the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000!

Also, if you are searching for the best Bluetooth headphones or the best Bluetooth & Wireless Headsets in India then do check out our recommendations to make an informed choice.