Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs.1000 in India – Buyer’s Guide - October 2019

After writing a series of individual review posts on Bluetooth and wireless speakers like;

Today, we’ll take a look at the best bluetooth speakers under 1000. Let’s begin.

Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs.1000 India

Bluetooth speakers are portable and wireless speakers that give you the liberty of taking your music and other sounds with you anywhere. They provide the convenience for you to play your music in any location of your choosing, be it your room or a garden without having to deal with wires or primitive connections.

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol that has grown by leaps and bound since its inception. It is easy to set up and has been integrated into almost all modern devices available today ranging from mobile phones to computers. The only limitation in this brand of audio devices is the 35 to 50 feet range which is about the maximum length of a Bluetooth connection.

This article is about getting the best of Bluetooth speakers at the financial comfort of below 1000 rupees. Instead of just showing you the best products that are perfect fits for this category, I have included a guide that explains the range of features that you could get in your audio device even at that rate, as well as other considerations that would make your purchase worth every penny.

While previous we had written a buyer’s guide for the best bluetooth speakers for 2019, this article is about getting the best of Bluetooth speakers at the financial comfort of below 1000 rupees.

Benefits of the Best Bluetooth Speakers

The benefits of this niche of audio devices are not far fetched. I have taken the time to categorize their advantages into the most appropriate terms.

#1. Self Sufficiency

Most Bluetooth speakers feature inbuilt or replaceable batteries, which can sustain them for certain periods when power is out. This feature is really important in cases where you want to minimize power consumption, or at an occasion far away from a power source e.g. beaches, deserts, etc. Apart from that, some of them come with features that help you operate whatever device they are connected to at your own convenience.

#2. Less Complicated to Operate

Audio devices are not the easiest to operate or connect, especially after a recent purchase. Figuring out what wires go into which ports can be a real drag even if you have experience with audio devices. It is complicated and takes time too. However, with the wireless devices, all you need to do it to connect both devices via the Bluetooth portal, and you’re good to go.

In addition to that, you do not have to deal with wires being tangled up or getting disconnected in their insulation.

Best Bluetooth Speakers under Rs. 1000 in 2019 – India Overview Chart

Top 11 Things To Consider When Buying The Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 1000

The most expensive set of devices have the best features, such as these best bluetooth speakers in India under 3000 and best bluetooth speakers under 5000. There is no doubt about that. However, even at this price, we are determined to make sure that you get the best there is.

When buying your best Bluetooth speaker, the major considerations include;

1. Size and Portability

The size of the Bluetooth speaker matters a lot, even if you will be confining it to a particular spot in your electronic collection. There are different designs in various sizes and shapes, some of which can be packed in a bag, carried by an attached handle or stowed in your pocket.

The size of the speaker should be small enough to be moved around conveniently but not too small that it affects the quality of the speaker itself. The smaller they get, the lesser the quality of sound they provide. However, a balance is the perfect solution because you should not have to trade sound quality for speaker portability, or otherwise.

2. Sound Quality

This is one of the most important features in a Bluetooth speaker. The best Bluetooth speaker under 1000 should be able to give out a crisp and clear audio quality. No speakers are made equal, but the sound quality of the Bluetooth speaker must be detailed enough to be pleasant to your ears. As explained in the previous point, the size tends to compromise the quality. However, find your balance.

3. Battery Capacity

One of the reasons for purchasing Bluetooth speakers is the self-sufficiency that comfortably comes with their use. The battery capacity indicates the playback time of the Bluetooth speaker.

As explained in the previous category, however, you have to find a balance in the features, seeing as larger batteries have higher lifespans but compromise the portability of the device itself. Even if you are taking the speaker to the desert, those with moderate capacities should do, as they can be recharged with car chargers or other means.

4. Range

The best bluetooth speakers have a good range that determines the distance between the phone and the Bluetooth speakers. Even though most times the range does not exceed 50 feet, it is still better to get a Bluetooth speaker that does not disconnect at any minor interference.

5. Durability

The best bluetooth speakers are very durable as they are produced with the best and highest quality material. They should be able to last for a long time after purchase. For this, irrespective of the features you require, make sure that the material used in the production can serve you long enough to be worthy of your purchase.

6. Extra Features

The Bluetooth speaker might come with extra features like FM radio, AUX support, 3.5 mm audio jack for wired connections and so on. These extra features add extra value to your wireless Bluetooth speaker. Apart from that, they are also very important in your choice, as they should be tailored to the use you have for them.

7. Placement Location

Physical objects like a person, a wall, or large objects affect wireless connections like Bluetooth. The quality of the sound might be reduced due to the obstruction in connection (interference). Under ideal conditions, Bluetooth speakers give you a range of 30 feet. So when placing your Bluetooth speakers, choose a location that will not interfere with the signal from your device to the speaker. Speakers with stronger sensitivities perform best under such conditions.

8. Hands-free functionality

Some Bluetooth speakers come with hands-free speakerphone functionality. This feature, in selected devices, lets you make and take calls without touching your phone. That seems more personalized and always comes in handy especially when your hands are full.

9. Inputs and Outputs

Most Bluetooth speakers have inbuilt AUX features, which let you connect the Bluetooth to another audio player or a TV. Some Bluetooth speakers feature a 3.5 mm audio jack that allows a wired connection to other devices like phones and laptops. Some can charge other devices through a USB port too.

10. Other Wireless Connections

Some Bluetooth speakers come with extra wireless features like Wi-Fi and NFC.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless protocol with a very limited range. It allows devices to be very close to each other to touch before data transfer can occur. In Bluetooth speakers, it helps to simplify the pairing between the phone and the Bluetooth speaker. You can get this done by just tapping the phone with the Bluetooth speaker. The technology is available to all mobile devices.

Wi-Fi is superior to the other wireless protocols in many ways. It permits higher resolution audio quality transmission than Bluetooth but it is more expensive than Bluetooth. Wi-Fi is limited to a certain local area network via a router and is usually tied down that you cannot use it past that range without setting it up again.

Having some of these features as an inclusion to the Bluetooth connection in your wireless speaker makes your purchase worth your money.

11. Brand Popularity

If you care about brand names and fashion trends, you can also get the best products from your favorite brands that fall into this category. However, depending on the class of your brand, you might have to compromise on some of the features you desire for such price range, but you will be left with the satisfaction of your to your favorite brand.

With reference to the guidelines provided above and other endorsements including star ratings and reviews on, these products have been chosen to rank as the best bluetooth speakers in that price range.

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under Rs.1000 Reviews + Buyer’s Guide :

1. iBall LIL Bomb 70 – Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Mic

The iBall brand is considered one of the fastest growing brands today in terms of innovation and product categories.

The iBall LIL Bomb 70 Portable Bluetooth speaker is a lightweight, portable Bluetooth speaker that provides you quality sound at your convenience.

Product Highlights & Features

Stylish DesignAccessories Included Audio SupportDimensions

The Bluetooth speaker features a stylish design that makes its appearance classy. With this speaker, sticking to an admirable class of products at your financial comfort is not out of the picture.

Included in the box are a portable speaker, hand strap, USB charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable and user manual.

The iBall LIL Bomb 70 Ultra Bluetooth speaker supports HSP, A2DP, HFP and AVRCP audio profiles.

The product has a dimension of 17.8 cm x 5.5 cm x 2.7 cm and has a weight of 118 g.

  • It has a good battery management.
  • The speaker has excellent sound quality.
  • It has a great performance.
  • It’s small size makes it easier to move.
  • Some users complained about the charging port is defective.
  • The speaker is not that durable.
  • The actual size is smaller than advertised.

2. Zebronics ZEB-BT015CF – Sparkle Bluetooth Speaker

Zebronics is one of India’s best brand of multimedia speakers that most people can afford. The brand set its focus on great product design and strict quality control.

The Zebronics ZEB-BT015CF Sparkle Bluetooth Speakers is a portable Bluetooth speaker that provides you high-quality sound wherever you are.

It features a stylish design that makes the speaker look dashing in any location it is placed in.

Some of the other features that complement its quality are explained below.

Product Highlights & Features

Stylish DesignRechargeable Lithium BatteryOther FeaturesDimensions

The Zebronics Bluetooth speaker supports wireless Bluetooth connectivity, an FM radio support, TF card support, AUX support and compatible with SDAP, GAP, VRCP, A2DP profiles.

It uses a 1200mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which provides long hours of music playback.

The Bluetooth speaker has a built-in microphone, a V2.1 Bluetooth version, less than one percent distortion, even at high volumes or long and spacey distances, as well as a hands-free call support.

The product has a dimension of 20.9 cm x 10.3 cm x 7.6 cm and has a weight of 449g. The dimensions provide a fine line between

  • It has an excellent sound quality.
  • Good and excellent user-friendly design.
  • The battery life is good and allows for long playback time.
  • Some users complained that the sound of the speaker is low.
  • There are some complaints that the Bluetooth disconnects very often.

3. Sony Xperia Z – Compatible Certified HiFi Bluetooth Pill Speaker

The Sony Xperia Z Compatible Certified HiFi Bluetooth Pill Speaker is a compact and portable wireless speaker.

It gives you the freedom to enjoy your music and bring your party with you anywhere you are.

It is cord free and small enough to fit into your hands. The Bluetooth pill speaker provides you with hours of premium sound. The pill design also makes it very attractive and appealing.

Product Highlights & Features

100% CompatibleDurableWarranty

The Sony Xperia Z is compatible with all mobile phones with a Bluetooth option. It allows you to easily make or take a call via Bluetooth conferencing and change tracks on your phone with ease.

The Bluetooth pill speaker is durable and provides a highly reliable performance as it is produced from a high-quality production unit. The materials used in the production of each part are a perfect complement to the product strength you deserve.

The Bluetooth speaker is covered by 6 months or 180 days doorstep replacement warranty, which is available all over India. With that, you can be sure to get the satisfaction you have paid for at your own convenience.

  • There is no indication that the product is made by Sony.
  • Battery backup and AUX line are not included.

4. Zebronics – Bluetooth Speaker Juke Box

The Zebronics Bluetooth Speaker Juke Box is a moderately priced, compact and wireless device that provides you with amazing musical experience.

With a sound frequency range of 100Hz to 20KHz, it allows you to listen to the sharp and clear audio.

It comes with lots of features that make it worthy of your purchase, an and at an affordable price.

Product Highlights & Features

Rechargeable BatteryMulti Options Support3.5 mm Audio JackDimensions

It uses a 400mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which provides one hour playback time.

The Zebronics jukebox supports wireless Bluetooth connectivity, an FM radio support, TF card support and is compatible with SDAP, GAP, VRCP, A2DP profiles.

The Bluetooth speaker also accepts input from external devices like laptops and mobile phones using the 3.5 mm stereo jack.

The product has a dimension of 60 mm x 60 mm x 60 mm and has a weight of 159g.

  • It has a loud sound.
  • The quality is good for the price.
  • It is very affordable.
  • The design of the speaker is excellent.
  • The sound quality is not that great.
  • The device construction is not sturdy enough


From the above review, we can deduce that having a Bluetooth speaker helps to make your listening pleasure more enjoyable. They provide you with the portability and convenience an audio device can offer. The best bluetooth speakers under 1000 are not some of the best in terms of quality rather they are the best of the Bluetooth speakers you can get at that price. They have amazing sound quality, vibrant appearance, sturdy design and good performance.

However, they may not have the best of qualities and extra features like water resistance (if you need one that is waterproof, then check out this list of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers), NFC support and other features found in higher models. You will have to pay for more if you want any of those features. Nevertheless, they are the best in terms of their price and it will be worth it should you decide to buy within the 1000 budget.

Also, don’t forget to check out our blog on the best wireless Bluetooth speakers under 2000.