How To Add and Use Amazon Pay Balance - August 2020

Amazon Pay Balance

To make the users shopping experience more seamless and hassle-free, Amazon has recently rolled out a new service known as the Amazon Pay Balance.

What Is Amazon Pay Balance?

Similar to the digital wallets, the Amazon Pay Balance allows you to add money to your Amazon wallet which you can then use to purchase a wide variety of products from the Amazon site such as fashion & accessories, the best Bluetooth headphones, movies, music, appliances, the best wireless Bluetooth speakers, latest mobile phones, toys, kindles and much much more.

Moreover, with the Amazon Pay Balance, you can also buy products & services from their partnered websites and apps. Thus, if you want to do away with bank passwords and OTP, then this one-click solution is the best, fastest and secure way to an online transaction. In addition, from a user perspective, here is why Amazon Pay can be beneficial to you.

#1. Benefits of Amazon Pay Balance?

As a service, especially aimed at increasing cashless orders, by opting for this service you are assured of enjoying benefits like;

  • Easier transaction for faster checkout.
  • Cashback and other promotional discounts.
  • Quicker Refunds, in case you are dissatisfied with the product delivered.
  • Easy tracking of your monthly expenditure.
  • Robust transaction security.

Therefore, make use this service if you’d like to enjoy easy access to funds and the convenience & security of making a purchase round-the-clock.

#2. How Can I Add Amazon Pay Balance?

Adding money to your Amazon Wallet includes 5 easy and simple steps as mentioned below. Take a look!

Step 1 – Log into your existing Amazon account. Click on ‘Amazon Pay’ from the top bar.

Click on Amazon Pay

Step 2 – Select ‘Add Money’ from the options given.

Add Money Amazon Pay Balance

Step 3 – Choose an Amount that you want to Add to your ‘Amazon Wallet.’ Click ‘Continue’ to proceed further.

Select Amount Amazon Pay Balance

Step 4 – Choose your mode of Payment and click on ‘Continue.’

Mode of Payment Amazon Pay Balance

Step 5 – Lastly, Review your order. Check the ‘Amazon Pay Balance’ amount and once satisfied, click on ‘Add Money to Balance’ to complete your order.

Review Your Order Amazon Pay Balance

#3. Amazon Pay Balance – FAQs

How does Amazon Pay Balance work?
Amazon Pay Balance is rather similar to any other digital wallets. All you have to do is Log into your existing Amazon account, select ‘Amazon Pay’, Add some money using a credit or a debit card and you are set.
Are there any fees that I need to pay for using this service?
No. To subscribe to Amazon Pay Balance you don’t need to pay any fees. This service is absolutely FREE.
Where can I spend my Amazon Pay Balance?
You can spend the money from your Amazon wallet to buy a variety of products from the Amazon site or from other websites and apps that are partnered with Amazon.
How long does it take for the money to get transferred?
It takes approx. 15 minutes to complete the online transaction and once you have received the funds in your ‘Amazon Wallet’, you will receive an email notification for the same.
What is the maximum Amount that I can add to my Amazon Pay Balance?
While the minimum amount you can add to your Amazon wallet is Rs. 500 and the maximum limit is Rs. 3000.
Will the amount in my Amazon wallet expire?
No. The amount present in your Amazon Wallet doesn’t expire.
What is the maximum cashback amount that I can get?
Amazon offers 15% cashback, i.e., up to Rs. 300 on adding minimum Rs. 500 to your Amazon Pay balance account. Please note, this is only a one-time offer.
How do I keep track of my transactions?
You can keep a track of your transaction with the help of Amazon Pay balance statement that provides you with a monthly and a yearly overview of your entire transaction history.