Best Kindle Paperwhite Covers And Cases – Buyer’s Guide - August 2020

If you have read our Kindle Paperwhite review, you would by now, know that the Kindle Paperwhite is a sturdy and practical e-reader that has stood the test of time since it’s inception in September 2012. It has evolved through 3 different updates, each one adding more features both externally and internally.

If you’ve taken the plunge and bought a Kindle Paperwhite, then one of the best things you could invest in is a proper Kindle Paperwhite cover or case to protect it against hits, knocks, falls and spills.

Depending on what type of cover you buy for your Kindle Paperwhite, you could probably also reduce the damage to an occasional, but highly unlikely slip into a bucket of water.

What to look for when shopping for an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Cover/Case?

  • Auto Wake Feature – Your Kindle Paperwhite cover should be able to rouse and put to sleep your Kindle Paperwhite when you close the cover or open it. This feature is important as it will save you on battery power.
  • Fit the Kindle Paperwhite snugly – Believe me, you don’t want a cover that’s so loose that your Paperwhite feels like a kid wearing oversized pants. In the first place it just isn’t good for your Kindle and secondly, it doesn’t look good at all.
  • Lightweight and slim – Lightweight cases are the best Kindle Paperwhite covers.You don’t want to be carrying something that feels like a ton of bricks, it would absolutely kill the purpose of the Kindle Paperwhite. In fact, most any e-reader is designed with the purpose of being lightweight and portable.
  • Is it right for your edition? – Remember that there are various versions of the Kindle Paperwhite, and thus there are different Kindle Paperwhite case and cover designs. Make sure you know what version you have before you splurge and regret later.
  • Is the material durable? – When shopping for sofas you definitely wouldn’t go for cheap looking and easily damaged. So, why would you do that for your Kindle Paperwhite? Look for beautiful looking but tough covers and cases.

Best Kindle Paperwhite Covers And Cases in 2017 – India Overview Chart

PictureCover NameColorWeightRating (1-5)Price
ProElite Ultra Slim Smart Flip Case Cover (Black)Black100 g4.4 $
ELITE Ultra Slim flip Case Cover (Dark Blue)Dark Blue100 g4.4$
ProElite Ultra Slim Smart Flip Case Cover (Design-Tree)Design-Tree118 g 4.2$$$
Elite Ultra Slim Flip Case Cover (Black)Black168 g4.4$$
Elite Clear Screen Protector Scratch Guard (White)White18 g3.1$
Retro Luxury Flip Case Cover (Retro Dark Brown)Retro Dark Brown150 g4.0 $
ProElite Ultra Slim Flip Case Cover (Black)Black 132 g 4.3 $$$
Heartly Flip Kick Stand Spider Hard Dual Rugged Armor (White)White113 g3.3$
Taslar(TM) Kindle Paperwhite Origami Case (Black)Black109 g3.9 $

ACM Executive Leather Flip Case (Black)
Black458 g3.6$

Top 10 Best Kindle Paperwhite Covers And Cases Reviews + Buyer’s Guide 2017

1. ProElite Ultra Slim Smart Flip Case Cover (Black) – for all New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

This cover is amongst the best selling for the Kindle Paperwhite and is especially known for its snug fit on the Kindle Paperwhite 3. If you have a previous version of the Kindle this cover might also fit, but it’s best to make sure before buying.

It comes equipped with a magnetic unlock-lock feature, to put your Kindle to sleep or wake it up. The exterior is made of a faux leather type of material that gives it that expensive look, although it does add a bit of bulk to the Kindle.

As with any product that is made of synthetic materials, the looks might be expensive, but the durability might be another story. For some this Kindle Paperwhite cover has withstood scratches and dents and tears, while for others it did not last that long. I guess it has to do with how one handles it.

It has the name ProElite on the cover, something not everyone might be happy about. Overall, the outside has a nice feel to it, and for such a low price is well worth the buy.

2. Elite Ultra Slim Flip Case Cover (Dark Blue) – for all New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

This Amazon Kindle Paperwhite cover comes with a stylus touch pen, which is a great feature to complement your e-reader. It also comes with the magnetic auto lock-unlock feature, which works fine. One downside is that the magnet lock is slightly weak and opens easily.

Sliding your Kindle Paperwhite into this cover is a breeze. It fits really tight and does not slide around. It also does not hold the grip as securely as one would wish. You can easily reach the power button and the USB port.

The exterior material is not the best you can find, but it does the job well. It has a good feel in your hands and leaves you with the feeling that you’re having a grip on something.

3. ProElite Ultra Slim Smart Flip Case Cover (Design-Tree) – for all New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

This cover is a beauty to look at and it lends that soft, bookish look to your Kindle Paperwhite. It is
designed to fit the new 2015 Paperwhite version but could easily fit the older versions as well.

The exterior has a type of plastic-like feel and looks like it is covered in a sort of smooth shiny material. The bottom part is hard thickish plastic. If you’re into beautiful things this Kindle Paperwhite cover might just be the thing for you. The Kindle slides in and sits snug and securely in this cover.

It also comes equipped with the auto lock-unlock feature, handy when you open and close. Like with many other cases of this make the magnetic lock doesn’t seem to be all that strong, but it doesn’t diminish the functionality of the cover at all.

4. Elite Ultra Slim Flip Case Cover (Black) – Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

This cover is equipped with the standard magnetic lock that wakes and sleeps your Kindle. The Kindle
Paperwhite fits into it snugly. It also comes with a very handy cable clip, ideal to keep your area neat as you charge your Kindle.

One tiny drawback that is so evident with many of the cases on sale is the magnetic clasp which is not as strong and thus could prevent your device from powering off and on successfully.

It is made from synthetic material which looks nice and has a sturdy feel to it. Both the front and the back feels rubbery and ensures that you have a firm grip on your device. It will not slip out of your hands easily. The edges have a soft and easy feel to them.

This Kindle Paperwhite cover/case comes in handy as a great screen protector and is light weight as well.

5. Elite Clear Screen Protector Scratch Guard – for Kindle Paperwhite

The Screen Protector guard fits on all the old as well as the new Paperwhites. Unlike the other covers, this cover is more of a screen protector.

It has no glare and no reflection qualities, but for some people, it appears too shiny and thus reading through it defeats the purpose of the Paperwhite’s screen.

It is made from a material that has a matte finish and does not easily leave oily marks. When touching the protector there are no sensitivity issues and it has the feel of directly touching the screen.

The only problem you might experience is that this Kindle Paperwhite cover comes with stickers on it, which when removed leaves a gum stickiness behind. This can be hard to remove and makes reading harder. When pulling the cover over the Kindle you have to be careful as it can create bubbles which are not easy to get rid of.

6. Qinda Retro Luxury Flip Case Cover (Retro Dark Brown) – for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Retro Luxury Flip Case has a very tough looking build and offers good protection. It gives the Kindle a kind of diary-ish look. It is equipped with the auto wake-sleep feature that is a must on every Kindle Paperwhite cover you buy.

It is also one of the best Kindle Paperwhite cases with stand and is great for the times when you’re reading while lying down or lounging on a couch.

It has a band at the back which comes in quite handy when travelling. You can slide your hand into the band and thus prevent your Kindle from falling as you’re moving around. This is a great plus point on this Kindle Paperwhite cover.

The only drawback might be that the elastic band could become loose from using it excessively over time.

7. ProElite Ultra Slim Flip Case Cover (Black) – for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

This Amazon Kindle Paperwhite cover looks great and is built from materials that give it that tough look. It will protect your Kindle Paperwhite from scuffs and dents. The material is such that it doesn’t wear easily with time.

It fits easily and snugly over the Paperwhite. It also comes with a magnetic mechanism to unlock the screen. The magnet appears to be a bit too strong though, but rather a strong magnet than a weak one. It also comes shipped with an unannounced bonus of a stylus pen.

It is easy to access important ports like the USB for charging as well as the power button. Due to its toughness, it adds a bit of bulk and weight to the Kindle.

8. Heartly Flip Kick Stand Spider Hard Dual Rugged Armor – Hybrid Bumper Back Case Cover

This Paperwhite cover is extremely well built. It has a rough and extremely tough look. The material is constructed of hard plastic that is not so easy to crack, even when dropped.Due to this hardness, it ensures a firm grip on your Kindle and it will not easily slip out of your hands.

However, Kindle Paperwhite cover has no auto wake-sleep functionality and therefore also offers no screen protection.

A bonus feature that it has is that it also doubles as a stand. The only drawback though is that the settings for the stand do not have multiple inclination levels, therefore you cannot totally adjust it to an angle that is appropriate for you.

It sits quite comfortably on a table where you can read from your Kindle whilst your hands are busy with something else. Another drawback is that is quite heavy but after a while of using it, the heaviness is not as noticeable as before.

9. Taslar(TM) – Kindle Paperwhite Origami Case

The Taslar is a tough and sturdy Kindle Paperwhite case that fits the Kindle Paperwhite like a glove. It is made of excellent quality material. Very rigid and definitely able to protect against a fall.

It also comes equipped with the magnetic unlock-lock features that put the Kindle to sleep or wakes it at the touch of the flap.

The cover is made from a faux leather-ish type of material which gives the flap a velvet-ish type of feel. It also comes with a stand to read hands-free whilst busy or while lying down. The stand can be a bit wobbly though as it appears to be a bit shorter than the one advertised.

The flap of the cover has an origami shaped extension that gives the cover the impression that it can be folded like an origami case, but on the other hand this feature also maims the cover as that protruding bit can stand in the way while you’re reading.

10. ACM Executive Leather Flip Case – & Tempered Glass Combo For Kindle Paperwhite

The ACM Executive has a very clean and thin look to it. It comes with the magnetic feature that shuts the Kindle Paperwhite on and off. It also has a bit of an expensive look. The magnetic lock is strong and keeps the cover shut at all times.

The outside is made of faux leather. Even after extensive use, the outer material seems to stay clean and shows no smudges from your fingers. It cleans easily with just a few wipes. The outer material ensures that you have a firm grip on the Kindle as it is non-slippery.

The auto off and on feature does not seem to always work perfectly and at times the magnets might interfere with the shut-off/switch on feature of the Kindle. It protects the Kindle quite well, and in only a few cases has it been that the Kindle did not all that well into the case.

It is fitted with hardened glass to protect your screen against scratches. The material over the screen is transparent. It also protects against glare.