Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse in India – Buyer’s Guide - August 2020


Do you ever get tired of spending a good part of the day, sitting in a stiff-backed chair, right in front of your monitor? If yes, then here we have a nifty solution to your problem.

Our lives have oriented themselves around computers whether it is work or play and thus, on several fronts, a wireless keyboard and mouse are a more comfortable option, that can even be healthier for your physique (especially, your spine and eyes).

So if you are interested to know more about the best wireless keyboard and mouse sets in India and if you are planning on buying one, then read on.

Why Do You Need a Good Wireless Keyboard and Mouse?

A wireless keyboard is an external keyboard that you can connect to your computer through Radio Frequencies (RF), Infrared (IR) or Bluetooth. It is often available as a set along with a wireless mouse. The best Bluetooth mouse will offer you a seamless connection because we don’t want to be interrupted in between our work or gaming session, do we?

As to why I would recommend a wireless keyboard or mouse or both over the conventional input devices that are available with your computer, the issues are numerous. And while we have learned to adjust to the problems for the sake of work, it is not necessary anymore.

Several medical issues have become predominant today that can be traced solely to this. Musculoskeletal problems rank the highest. You would end up with pain in your back and chest and numbness in your arms. If you fix your mouse to one particular position, you would have to twist your wrists to access it. A wireless mouse averts this problem altogether.

Similarly, if you have to type from a fixed keyboard, you will have to position yourself near the screen. Too much brightness on a computer screen causes visual problems like dried up cornea. With a wireless keyboard, you can sit away from the monitor and still continue with your typing. A wireless keyboard would protect your eyes without hindering your work.

Also, there’s the problem with wires. All of us, the desktop users, have faced the annoyance of having to deal with impossibly tangled wires. They are messy, they get tangled, and they limit the portability of the equipment. You can now get rid of them, at least to some extent. Instead of spending our precious time, unravelling them, it is wiser to invest in a wireless keyboard and mouse.

In addition, what can be better than camping out with your pillows on the bed with your input devices within an easy reach? On your movie marathon night, you certainly wouldn’t prefer your work chair.

However, when you use a regular keyboard, you don’t have an option if you want easy access to the modulators. This new addition allows you that option. You can alter the volume of any video, fast forward it or pause it or do whatever you need to without any extra effort.

Not just that, if you have damaged your original equipment, these serve as excellent replacements. Whichever one you opt for, the best wireless keyboard and mouse will be a pleasure to use. Further, you can purchase your set according to your convenience. If you want a foldable one for further space management or a waterproof and dustproof one, you can have that.

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse in 2018 – India Overview Chart

Top Things to Consider When Buying a Wireless Keyboard and mouse

Wireless MouseWireless Keyboard

When you are spending extra on a wireless keyboard and mouse, you should be careful with what you buy. Other than the usual varieties, there are some features that you should look for to give you further advantages.

The mouse is something essential. You cannot handle a desktop without it. And even for laptops, it is the recommended option over the touch-pad. So you need to ensure that they are the best within the price range.

As such, there are several features that you should consider. I would suggest that you get one that fits well in your palm. Regular misuse of the mouse can end up in twisted wrists. It is one of the reasons you are looking for the best wireless mouse.

Two basic requirements of a mouse that suits you would be its size and the grip that you use to handle the mouse. There is an easy way to recognise your grip, and you can buy your mouse accordingly. Observe how you hold the device. There are usually three sorts: palm, claw, and fingertip.

While purchasing a wireless mouse, be sure of your gripping style to avoid injuries. Once you have ensured the type of mouse you would need, you could look into some extra features.

One of these is additional buttons. Even though it is a speciality for a gaming mouse, it is a tremendous help even in your regular use. Little stuff which is time-consuming nevertheless can be made easier with this feature. For instance, I always fix some of the extra ones for scrolling forward or back.

Huge documents are always a bit messy to navigate. This perk would help you get it over with conveniently. Not just that, you can also map a couple of those buttons for copy and paste. There are a huge lot of functions that you can map those buttons for, whether it is switching between desktops or anything else you can think up. It is a minor perk and not detrimental to your purchase, but it does alleviate your workload.

One of the other essential requirements would be the sensitivity of your mouse. It determines the precision of your work. If even a tiny wrist movement is sufficient for your cursor, you have a high sensitivity. Often you will notice that it takes a bit of an effort to move the cursor and it becomes fixed at one point frequently. That indicates that the mouse has low sensitivity.

Usually, the best wireless mouse offers a sensitivity level of 1200 DPI or more. DPI or Dots Per Inch is the measure you use to calculate the sensitivity of a mouse. If you are into gaming or any job that requires high precision, it would be wise not to get one with a sensitivity as low as 400 DPI. You can alter the sensitivity through your Control Panel.

When it comes to wireless keyboards, you need to be careful, probably even more so. We will begin with the ergonomics. The keyboard is an essential component of a computer. So you need to be comfortable with your purchase. Whether it is a wireless mouse or a keyboard, no consideration is worth a wrist strain, especially when you use it all day long. You can get a wireless keyboard with a wrist rest included in its design.

However, if it is not there on your keyboard, it can be bought separately as well. I always find it easier to work with a keyboard that features an adjustable height along with a slight tilt.

You might consider looking into an ergonomic design that is built to settle your wrist in a better posture. Most of us are used to the common flat varieties, and you will need time to adjust your angle a little. But it will be beneficial in the long run.

When it comes to keys, it is rather annoying to deal with keys that get ‘stuck’ lower than the others. You can rectify that with a mechanical design. Some of the best wireless keyboards are of this design. Instead of the typical rubber domes, these have a mechanical spring. The resistance is a bit higher, and you will need to exert a little pressure during typing. They even bounce back quicker.

Even for wireless keyboards, extra buttons are an advantage. Many options are designed with buttons that aid you to switch apps or in volume modulation or managing your music and lots more.

Other than the basics, if you want, you can even opt for a few extra features according to your requirements. For the regular users, you can buy some with additional USB ports on the side or a different layout.

Some are available without the number pads. If you are searching for a gaming one, there is a whole new world out there for you. You can get one with illuminated keys of hotkeys, add-on panels or even anti-ghosting features.

I would suggest that you look at the options and research a bit before making your choice. You might discover some feature that would significantly make your life easier.

The combo of the best wireless mouse and keyboard is better than the one with any other connection as it is easier to connect. However, if you do not find it up to the mark, the others are a good deal as well.

Best Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Reviews + Buyer’s Guide 2018 in India

From my personal experience, I have categorised some of the best wireless keyboard and mouse combos. If you are interested in a wireless keyboard or a mouse, this might help you.

1. Logitech MK345 – Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

We all deserve that one mug of coffee during long work hours that nevertheless, we are afraid to spill. Counted among the best wireless keyboard and mouse combos, the spill-proof technology of this is designed to avert such incidents.

The pair comes with a modest appearance that provides an uncluttered surface, along with a palm rest for the extra support. In fact, one of the problems of using a wireless system is that the keyboard might lack several control features. But, now when I am having my movie marathon night, the set of F-keys provided here lets me control the media without any hassle.

The mouse has a right-hand contour with a thumb ridge that I found conveniently nifty. If the feel of the round shaped mouse is a pet peeve of yours, here’s your solution. Moreover, if the height is an issue for you, you can adjust it to your comfort.

You might face some problems, as the keyboard does not provide the soft-touch experience making typing a bit forceful, which produces a sound that may bother you.

  • A complete keyboard surface that features 12 F-keys for media control
  • Elongated battery life
  • Spill-Resistant technology
  • Adjustable height
  • Sensitive left and right button for the mouse than enhances tracking
  • Force-type keyboard
  • The keyboard is not completely soft-touch

The Final Verdict

Overall, the ergonomic design of this set excels in its simplicity and functionality. I would recommend this wireless keyboard and mouse if you want something on a reasonable budget. Not too extravagant, it nevertheless will serve all your requirements adequately, whether you are winding down the day or at work.

2. Logitech K400 – Plus Wireless Keyboard

If you are searching for just a wireless keyboard and not a mouse, this is the one for you. However, it does come with a touchpad on the side. So, in case if you ever do damage your mouse, you have an emergency solution at your fingertip, literally. How cool is that? It is designed simply but offers a lot for your television connected computer and a perfect fit for your living room.

And moreover, if you are searching for a more sophisticated typing experience, this keyboard offers a soft-touch sensitivity for the touch typist. It does not make a racket and is elegant to handle.

You won’t even have to reach out continually for your mouse for little things. If you prefer the traditional laptop, this is right in your field. It comes with a left-right button as well as volume modulating ones, giving you easy access to the controls.

The arrangement of keys is compact and meant for quick access to all your typing needs. It’s a complete package.
However, even with an improved battery life of 18 months, it does not offer a rechargeable battery. Also, if you work in darker rooms or prefer to have dimmed lights for a movie, the lack of backlit keys might be a problem for you.

  • Soft-touch keyboard
  • Touchpad on the side
  • Easy access to all the controls
  • Compact, slim design
  • Compatible with several configurations
  • No rechargeable battery
  • No backlit keys

The Final Verdict

It does provide a lot of additional navigation and monitoring options. Further, if you are sitting a safe distance away from your computer or television, it should not be an issue with its 10m wireless range. And the cons are very few and can easily be worked around for most users. This one has earned a top position in my list of the best wireless Keyboard with touchpad for all the valid reasons.

3. Lenovo 500 – Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Are you tired of checking the battery limit? Would it not be easier if the device would give some indication regarding the battery life? The cool LED indicators on this keyboard bear in mind exactly this purpose.

It’s a mouse and keyboard combo. So you won’t need to look into a separate purchase either. The mouse is relatively good in its sensitivity with a range of 1000 DPI. No more cursor lags for you.

The layout is a blend of balance and durability, slim enough for you to handle and sturdy for resisting damage. And if the button life of your keyboard always haunts you (as it happens with many of us with an eye for detail), you don’t need to worry any further. The keyboard has a spectacular button life of three million clicks.

However, the battery life, though longer than the usual options in keyboards, is still not that high at only 12 months. And the mouse, while it serves your purpose, is pretty regular with the standard left and right buttons and a scrolling wheel.

  • LED indicators for battery life
  • Considerable sensitivity of the mouse
  • Durable and balanced design
  • Good key life
  • Style-oriented layout
  • Lower battery life
  • No additional buttons on the mouse.

The Final Verdict

It is not a top-of-the-mark product. So if you are looking into something more sophisticated, it would be better to try something else. But it is a good choice for the regular user or a beginner and there is nothing I can say about the brand itself.

4. Dell KM632 – Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Here are another wireless keyboard and mouse combo, this one by Dell. This one comes with a spill resistant feature that enhances your experience and comfort. You won’t have to be constantly careful about positioning your drink. While you still should be careful, it won’t be a huge deal if you do face such an accident. So relax, sit back on your cushion with the wine glass in hand and type on.

It is even easier to do so with its conveniently spaced layout and keys that serve a decent multimedia experience. With an advanced wireless encryption, you won’t even have to deal with issues regarding connection anymore. And of course, for more enhanced jobs, we have to think about the precision. The LED tracking sensors included here offers you a more than average accuracy level.

But you might regret the lack of any num-lock or caps-lock indicator. And even though it features a sleep button, it does not have any computer power buttons on it.

  • Spill Resistant
  • Multimedia experience with well-positioned keys
  • LED tracking sensors
  • Advanced Wireless Encryption
  • No Caps-lock or Num-lock indicators
  • No power buttons for computer

The Final Verdict

The price is reasonable and the mouse offers a superior precision as well. It is a modest product with pretty nice features that fulfils most of your needs. The power buttons is a perk more than a necessity and thus, undoubtedly, this is one of the best Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combos for die-hard gaming enthusiasts.

5. Dell KM636 – Wireless Mouse & Keyboard

This combo from Dell might just be your dream device for an enhanced media control. No one likes to watch movies from a chair, or rather, a computer chair. But then, most wireless keyboards would not offer a complete array of buttons for media control. The hot-keys on this device are designed to mute, pause or play your video. It provides volume control options and even buttons for going forward or backwards, just in case you missed something or get bored with the captions.

Another annoying factor that I find about keyboards is the necessity to dust it off regularly. This product has little gaps between keys meant for averting dust accumulation as much as possible. It is convenient for lazy folks like me. Moreover, you won’t have to deal with the irritating clicking that keyboards make. The keys are muted to provide a quiet and comfortable use.

But the battery life is not that high being just twelve months. However, as the design of the keyboard offers an efficient energy consumption, this won’t be an issue. You won’t need to worry about frequently changing your battery.

  • Contemporary design
  • Advanced media control
  • Keys spaced closely to avoid dust
  • Muted keys for a noiseless typing
  • Battery life could be better

The Final Verdict

With its added Hot-Keys for good control of video and your music, it is a cool combo. It is a worthy purchase with some nice perks to make your life easier. It won’t be an overstatement to call this Dell product the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo deal at such an affordable rate.

6. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 – Keyboard & Mouse Set

Even wireless keyboards and mouses have limited roaming range based on their signal. This product from Microsoft boasts of range up to 9 m and 30 feet. You can place your computer wherever you wish and still work from that sofa which is quite a distance away. It is even better with the 1000 DPI sensitivity level of your mouse.

Work is faster and far smoother than it ever was with this. One thing that sets this apart is the ambidexterity of the mouse. For all you lefties out there, you don’t have to adjust with a mouse built with right-hand handling in mind. From my experience, this is the best wireless mouse for people with certain physical limitations.

Moreover, you won’t need to be conscious of your configuration while making your purchase. It works on a broad range of systems from Windows 7 to XP and even Mac OS x v10.4.

A major disadvantage of this product though is the eight-month battery life. You can, however, switch off your devices to prolong the battery efficiency.

  • Ambidextrous Mouse
  • Strong signal even 9 m 30 feet away
  • Average sensitivity of the Mouse
  • Mouse comes with a storage slot for the transmitter
  • Comes with a battery life indicator
  • Low battery life
  • Mouse has only three buttons: left, right and the scroll wheel

The Final Verdict

The lower battery life is an issue and if you are a serious gamer, the sensitivity might not be enough. But the signal is superb. If you are left-handed, I would strongly suggest this one. Even if you are not, I will still recommend it.

7. Mactrem Rapoo 8200P – Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse

While a 2.5 GHz transmission is good enough to work with, this combo features an amazing 5 GHz connectivity. You don’t have to bear with any interference while using this. A 10 m operative distance gives you a lot of freedom as well. There won’t be any complaints when it comes to a seamless connection with this device.

The mouse is convenient. Even though it has a DPI of about 1000, the extra buttons on the side help with smooth navigation and much more. You can map the keys for any application you want. Not just that, the added Hotkeys on the keyboard gives you a multimedia experience with an advanced computer control. The mouse even has a nifty nook for carrying the receiver, along with all its advanced features.

The sleek design is beautiful for aesthetics, and even the functionality is higher than most. However, the battery life is up to 9 months and even with an on/off button for energy saving, it is an issue.

  • GHz transmission signal
  • 10 m range
  • Extra Hot-keys
  • Extra buttons on the mouse
  • Spill-resistant
  • Mouse has a switchable enhanced tracking engine
  • Energy saving technology
  • Low battery life

The Final Verdict

This product blew me away. But for the battery life being a bit disappointing, I would give it a full pass. Even that can be worked around thanks to the new energy saving technology of the devices.


Now that you are armed with the list of the best wireless keyboard and mouse in India for 2018, I hope that you’ll make a right choice and pick a device that can be comfortably used for both – work as well as play!

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