Top 10 Best Virtual Reality Headset in India – Buyer’s Guide - August 2020

Hi All, hope you enjoyed reading our previous blog post on the best Bluetooth & Wireless headsets in India. Moving on, here is a complete list of the popular Virtual Reality headsets in India that you can buy right now. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best VR Headset For the more serious gamers out there, Virtual Reality is the latest arena to explore. It’s new and almost untouched with fresh ideas flooding the market every day. As new as the craze over VR headsets might be, there is already a plethora of best VR headset in India to pick from.

However, do you know what features to look for when purchasing a VR headset for yourself?

If you have no idea, then fret not as the below guide will help you make an informed decision. Plus, I have also included a list of the Top 10 Best VR Headsets for 2018 currently available in the Indian market.

Take a look!

What to Look for While Buying a VR Headset?

When it comes to VR headsets, the first thing you need to know is that the material is often not too high-end. It initially was built with Google Cardboard. However, VR headsets that are too cheap are not that comfortable.

Moreover, VR headsets in the mid-range will include trackers and built-in controls and even personalized screens. The more high-end ones, though, do not function from the mobile power. They usually include external computers. That indicates better features like high-screen resolution, motion tracking and others.

Based on the features available, you need to consider your budget. If you are into serious gaming, you won’t want anything too cheap. It is better to spend a few extra bucks on a good stuff. However, if you just want one to work on your mobile, there is no need for a high-end product. In the latter, all you need to do is download an app and fit your phone in.

Now, I have spent hours on the internet to compile a list of the best VR headsets available in India right now.

Best VR Headset in 2018 – India Overview Chart

Best VR Headset Recommendations + Buyer’s Guide 2018 in India

1. AuroVR Pro Headset – Inspired by Google Cardboard

While playing a movie on your mobile phone is pretty fun, nothing can beat the sheer pleasure of experiencing it in a virtual reality. The first thing I noticed as I put this headset on is the strap, which ensures that you have to spend minimum effort in positioning the headset along with breathable cushions.

However, the most exciting thing about purchasing this headset was the free gaming remote that came with it. This remote with a Bluetooth connection can be used for either VR or even non-VR games. I found it easy to use a presentation controller. Moreover, for the selfie addicts out there, it also functions as a selfie clicker.

Moreover, if a VR headset comes with a fixed focal length, it may not be comfortable for everyone. However, in this headset, the focal length is adjustable and you can tweak it according to your eyesight. To be specific, you can adjust the distance in between the screen and the lens. It supports a wide range of sizes when it comes to the phone that you use.

However, in spite of its claim otherwise, I found the headset to be a bit too heavy to be worn continuously for too long. I used to get weary and took it off for a break in between.

  • Free Bluetooth remote.
  • Breathable cushions.
  • Adjustable focal length.
  • Can be used with 3.5” to 6” phones.
  • A bit too heavy.

Final Verdict

The headset comes with a removable lid at the front. I could take this off when it got too overheated. That and a lot of other advantageous features convinced me of its worth. It is truly a recommendable device.

However, if you want something you can wear for hours, you might try some other headset. Nevertheless, I never could complain about its capability.

2. Procus Pro VR Headset – With Inbuilt Headphones

As opposed to the very useful free remote that the AuroVR headset offers, what the Procus Pro’s comes with is a little more fun. It comes with a free horror VR game that I spent a good couple of hours on when I first bought this.

This particular game, actually, works well with the inbuilt touch button that this headset is designed with. You won’t even need a Bluetooth remote with this option. In fact, this and a couple of other manufacturing features make it so that you don’t have to take it off to operate the device. There is even an inbuilt volume control button.

But, the best feature I found in this headset is the inbuilt earphones that it offers. There is no need to carry an external pair that you can fit into the slot. The earphones are further designed with soft foam for noise cancellation. The advantage is that you can truly immerse yourself in the virtual reality anywhere you wish to. They are pretty comfortable to wear for longer periods.

The headset comes with adjusting knobs to help to fix the distance between your eyes and the screen. The phone tray is adjustable to fit in a wide range of phone sizes as well.

However, this is not a cheap VR headset. If you need something a bit more pocket-friendly or you are making your first purchase, you might try starting off with something else. Some users have complaints against the quality of the lens.

  • Free horror VR game.
  • Inbuilt touch button.
  • Inbuilt earphones.
  • Inbuilt volume control.
  • Expensive.
  • The lens is not up to the mark.

Final Verdict

As comfortable as the earphones are, they don’t provide the best sound quality. Even though they do provide a good noise cancellation, I wasn’t too impressed. It is a good product if you want to venture out a little. But I won’t recommend it to anyone who is searching for one that provides a truly blissful experience.

3. Procus One Headset – With Fully Adjustable VR Glasses

The major difference of the Procus One from the Procus Pro is that the former comes without a pair of earphones of its own. This, while it sounds like a let-down, can actually be a positive feature.

Instead of having to cope with the headphones provided, you can use one of your choice. To pick one that is compatible with this device, check out our list of the best Bluetooth headphones. The lenses of the Procus One are superior in general, with an 8-layered nano coating. They are designed to cut down on the strain and glare on the eyes.

Along with the free horror game, Isolated, you also get a free magnetic clicker with the Procus One. With this, you don’t require to take the headset off all the time, in between the game or the movie.

Further, this headset is a delight for people with specs. I hate using any VR headset if I have to take off my glasses. But you can use this with one over your glasses. You can also adjust the lens according to your eyesight. The glass it uses is 42 mm and it ranges to a field of view that is more than just 100 degrees. This makes for a better viewing of the video.

The only flaw in the design that I have noticed is that due to the lack of cushioning on the nose, prolonged use can hurt a little. So I need to take it off often.

  • Free magnetic clicker.
  • Superior lenses.
  • Can be used with glasses.
  • Field of view is more than 100 degrees.
  • Does not come with a nose cushion

Final Verdict

When it comes to the operation of this VR headset, it is not of an exceptional quality. While it is pretty better than most and definitely a good choice at its price range, I have tried better ones.

It is good if you don’t have any experience with VR headsets and want to try something to start out with. Except for the tiny detail on nose padding, the rest of the fit is very adjustable.

4. IRUSU Play 3D – Virtual Reality Glasses Headset

In terms of quality, I found the Irusu VR headset to be far superior to most. The lenses are refined with vacuum ion plating which helps to block most of the electromagnetic radiation.

Apart from that, the HD resin lenses with an eight layered nano coating have little side effects on the overall vision. This helps to cut down the glare or reduce any deformities. Moreover, I was relieved to notice the lack of sore eyes even after continuously watching a movie for a couple of hours.

This is a headset more suited for those with low myopia. You can take off those glasses and relax. While headsets that can be fitted over specs are good, it is easier to use one that does the work of the latter as well.

There are convenient vents provided. I can charge my phone and watch a movie at the same time. This was a huge time-saver as some phones do not have a very good battery capacity. Apart from this, there are the usual vents for earphones as well.

Moreover, Irusu offers not just a free Bluetooth remote but also an inbuilt magnetic clicker. The magnetic clicker is great. But the remote does have some compatibility issues. It is better if you check what it can function with if you plan on using the remote.

  • Inbuilt magnetic clicker.
  • Lens suitable for low myopic conditions.
  • Superior and improved lenses.
  • Helps to avoid sore eyes
  • Free remote may not be compatible with your phone

Final Verdict

I have to admit that initially, I was sceptical whether the remote would work for me. However, to my surprise it did. If it is not so in your case, you can always buy one separately.

But that is really no reason to miss out on this incredible VR headset. It is one of the better ones that I have used and fully deserves its place in the top 10 VR headsets in India.

5. Ocular Maxima – With Inbuilt Bluetooth Controller

As fun as it is to view the images in 3D, I have always been a bit sceptical of damaging the screen as I slid it into the slot of the VR headset. So I was relieved to discover that the very material that coats the inside of the Ocular Maxima VR headset is meant to protect the phone. While that isn’t a huge contributing factor, it does matter if you are hyper-aware of every tiny nick like me.

The lenses bear the legacy of Japanese technology with a span of 110 degrees. They are designed to block out the electromagnetic radiation. Moreover, they provide clearer images and work to reduce the glare.

This VR headset is built with myopic adjustments as well. It also can help with the focus due to the adjustable Interpupillary distance.

I have found that they are compatible with any phone configuration which makes it a versatile device. The adjustable straps, further help to keep the pressure off the nose. It is comfortable to use for long hours. This is reinforced by the silicone cushioning and the heat dissipation windows on the sides.

The only defect is the length of the lens. The shorter 40 mm long lens will not give as clear an effect as the 42 mm of the previous products.

  • Protects phone from scratches.
  • Lens built with myopic adjustments.
  • Versatile.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Shorter length of the lens.

Final Verdict

This is another product that I was truly impressed with. I have little complaints regarding its quality. I love the myopic adjustment of the lens. It allows me to take off my glasses which make the experience more comfortable, without hindering my eyesight.

6. Ocular Grand – With 42 MM PMMA Lenses

This headset is a slight upgrade to the previous Ocular one. The major difference between the two is the increase of the length of the lens to 42 mm. There is also an upgrade of the viewing range of the lens to 120 degrees.

The Ocular Grand comes with inbuilt earphones. The 3.5 mm jack of the headphones will work with almost all phones. The surround sound that they offer completes the 3D experience.

There is also an inbuilt volume control. With this, I could easily answer the calls without having to remove the phone from the headset. Moreover, it makes it easier to operate. Further, the inbuilt touch button helps you to control the apps without having to take off the headset first.

The headset works with all kinds of configuration, whether it is Windows or IOS or Android. The PMMA lenses have an 8 layered nano coating. The lenses are further polished 5 times to provide improved vision.

It also bears all the positive features of the previous Ocular model, including the adjustable myopic lenses and a comfortable fit.

However, it will not work with phones that have a screen size less than 4”. While that would not affect most people, it might be a limitation for some.

  • 42 mm lens length.
  • 120 degrees viewing angle.
  • Inbuilt headphones.
  • Versatile and comfortable.
  • Does not fit in phones shorter than 4”.

Final Verdict

I had no problems regarding my phone size, but I would recommend you to check before you make your purchase. It can work with phones with a screen size of 4 to 6”. Apart from that, I found the experience to be worth it.

7. My VR INFINITY Mini – with 120 degree FOV & 42mm Lens

The VR Infinity headset is one in the line of the top VR headsets in India, even if it is not the cheapest. This headset is built with phone pallets instead of clippers. This is a blessing in some way as I always get annoyed by an involuntary increase in volume when the clippers would get pressed unintentionally.

It comes with a movable tray that you can tweak to fit the size of your smartphone. When it comes to lens adjustment, you can actually fix the two lenses at different distances. This way, if you have different eye sights in your two eyes, you don’t have to compromise with the visual clarity.

Infinity further seems to stress a lot about the comfort of the user. It enables a multi-stress dissipation that takes off the pressure from the face and the ears. The face area is designed with advanced features of appearance, tactile sensation, colour and comfort.

As fun as it is to spend hours playing a VR game, it is not so fun when you are uncomfortable with sweat clogging the covered area and developing allergies. The breathable texture of the straps prevents that possibility.

It can’t be worn with spectacles. That is a huge problem for me in most VR headsets. Some do come with myopic adjustments but that is not often enough.

  • Phone pallets instead of clippers.
  • Movable tray for the phone.
  • Multi-stress distribution.
  • Breathable.
  • Can’t be worn with spectacles.

Final Verdict

On the whole, this is a decent product. There is not much to complain about when it comes to the 3D quality. However, it does not have any such extra unique features either. For its price, it is not that great a purchase. But if you want a solid VR headset that functions as it is supposed to, this would be a good choice.

8. Dream VR Headset – With Free Bluetooth Controller Gamepad

While most lenses are no bigger than 42 mm, the dream VR headset extends its screen up to 44 mm, enlarging your view. The HD resin lenses have a nano dip coating. This helps to bend the light which makes the experience more comfortable.

This headset further offers a wireless game-pad controller. You can use this as a Bluetooth game controller or you use it while flipping through an ebook or as a wireless mouse. The viewing angle is 110 degrees which is wide enough to offer a good view.

This headset is built with precision tracking. This particularly was a great comfort to me. It tracks your head movement and adjusts itself accordingly. The leather straps are adjustable and reinforced with foam cushioning.

The lenses are adjustable to cater for both near and farsightedness in the viewers. This works well with those who have any eyesight problems, however negligible. It even protects your eye against further damage. It also has an anti-fog design. There is no seepage of external light, thus enclosing your vision inside the 3D screen.

However, it is limited to phones with a screen as big as 4” to 6”. Anything smaller will not fit properly. That may or may not be a problem but you should just check before your purchase, like in the Ocular Grand.

  • 44 mm lens.
  • Free Bluetooth remote.
  • Precision tracking.
  • Adjustable lens distance.
  • Does not work with phones smaller than 4”.

Final Verdict

The headset is very comfortable, more so than most other headsets. It can be worn for long hours. Further, the lenses are good and the vision is very clear. Compared to its features, I found the price to be fairly reasonable.

9. CoolNut Private Theater – watch 3D Movies

The Cool Nut VR box falls among one of the cheap VR headsets, without compromising on its overall effectiveness. This one comes with a wireless Bluetooth remote as well. The remote can be operated within a distance of 10 m. While I do prefer internal touch buttons, remotes do offer versatility in its functions.

The nose bridge in this can be adjusted as per the requirements of the user. Continuous use of VR boxes can be painful and put stress on the nose. This solves that problem to an extent.

Moreover, the leather pads that are used are flexible and comfortable to wear for long periods. It also comes with a face foam protection that enhances its comfort level. The VR box is designed for heat dissipation in case of the inevitable overheating.

The pupil distance is adjustable to your convenience as well. The vision is more accurate and better with this. However, as comfortable as the padding is, it is not breathable. So, often I had to take it off due to sweat accumulation. This hinders the continuous use of the headset.

  • Reasonable price.
  • Safe leather pads.
  • Adjustable pupil distance.
  • Heat dissipation.
  • Not breathable.

Final Verdict

In this headset, the angle is wide enough and the fit is snug and comfortable. So, it can be used for a decent experience. This is a good product to start with if you are purchasing for the first time. However, while it offers a lot according to its price, it is still not on par with some of the more refined options in the market.

10. MTT 3D Headset – With Advanced Virtual Reality Glasses

For a product priced so reasonably, I was surprised at its effectiveness. The 40 mm lenses have an anti-blue ray coating. This helps to reduce the glare and deformities from the VR. Moreover, it takes care of any eye fatigue you might be subjected to after a longer usage. Further, the vacuum-ion plated lenses can block electromagnetic radiation.

If you have myopia below 700, you can easily use this VR box without the help of your regular glasses. To add to its comfort factor, it is built with a perforated PU material that possesses the qualities of sweat absorption. I loved this feature. It ensured that I could use it without my skin beginning to get irritated.

The pupil distance is adjustable according to your convenience. It is moreover, pretty light so that you don’t feel like you are lugging a load on your head.

However, it is not that comfortable on the nose. This is a flaw with many VR boxes. The only solution I could find was to take it off in intervals. Or if it bothers you too much, you can always get something that takes the stress off your nose.

  • Anti-blue ray coating on lenses.
  • Suitable for use without glass for those with myopia below 700.
  • Adjustable pupil distance.
  • Sweat evaporation.
  • Heavy on the nose.

Final Verdict

On the last note, I really have no other complaints about this product. It has a good VR quality and the lenses are efficient. Unlike some other VR boxes, they didn’t disappoint me at all. For those who have myopia, it could be a worthy investment.


Most VR headsets offer similar features with a few exceptions. The quality differs according to the effects and the lens. Moreover, because you are strapping it around your head, it needs to be comfortable. The best VR headset will depend on your personal preferences. If you want something beneath which you can wear glasses, your choice will be different from those that have myopic adjustments.

While I would recommend a cheaper product when you are making your first purchase, the quality will differ according to the price. So if you want a truly good 3D experience, I would recommend you to invest in a high-end one.