Best Digital Cameras under Rs.20000 in India (Buyer’s Guide) - August 2020

Best Digital Cameras under 20000

Hi Everyone, in our previous blog post we discussed the best wireless security cameras in India that can help keep your home and office safe and secure. Today, we’ll move on to the best digital cameras under 20000 that are a great choice for budding photographers as opposed to the heavy-duty DSLR cameras. So, let’s check them out!

Gone are the days when aspiring photographers would be satisfied with an old-school Polaroid. Today, everybody wants a digital camera!

Digital cameras come with smart sensors that capture crystal clear pictures even in low light, a significant improvement from a compact camera that fails to perform well in the dark. Moreover, digital cameras also offer you complete control over the technical aspects such as lens adjustment and positioning.

Don’t worry though if you are a first-time user. There are loads of auto modes in digital cameras that help you click photos until you are comfortable with the more creative controls.

Digital cameras are cheaper when compared to the grand DSLRs, therefore, more practical for travellers, aspiring film-makers, and photographers. Discussed below are the best digital cameras under 20000 that you can invest in.

Best Digital Cameras under Rs.20000 in 2018 – India Overview Chart

Top Things To Consider When Buying The Best Digital Camera under Rs.20000

So, now that you’ve finally moved on from your smartphones and started taking pictures with a real camera, there is a bunch of stuff you ought to know. Choosing a digital camera, like choosing the best DSLR cameras, is no easy feat and there are a lot of things that you’ll have to consider.

It is best that you invest in a camera kit that includes the camera body and 18-55mm lens for wider zoom range if you’re buying your first digital camera. The kit also comes with other accessories such as a wide-angle lens, telephoto zoom and a flashgun that is perfect for everything from landscape to portrait frames.

Now, as you have a fixed budget of rupees 20,000, you might have to give up on a few of the advanced features. I have compiled a list of standard features that every digital camera below 20000 must have.

1. Sensor Size

Ask anyone who pursues photography religiously and he/she will tell you that sensor size is the primary determinant of the image quality, much against the popular megapixel myth. Sensors in digital cameras comprise of light-sensitive spots that allow how much light will enter in the sensor.

Therefore, quite obviously, the bigger the sensor size, the more vivid your images are, even under low light conditions. They also allow for a greater depth of field. While 1 inch is the ideal size, in the price range of 20k, you will find most digital cameras employing sensors measuring slightly over 1/ 2.3 inches.

2. Megapixel

Megapixels might not be the ultimate yardstick for measuring the picture quality and performance of a digital camera, but they are important nonetheless. Now, it is a universal fact that camera models have a higher megapixel range than a smartphone camera or a point & shoot device.

Megapixel also determines the size of the pictures – the higher the pixel count, the grainer is the image. I recommend beginners to opt for a camera with 15 megapixels or more. Point and shoot cameras offer you greater flexibility of range and angles when compared to a smartphone.

3. Storage Capacity

Most cameras don’t come with a large internal memory; you’ll either have to store your images in a separate device or get an SD card. Digital cameras come with an SD card slot.

Choosing high capacity memory cards will reduce the pressure on the internal storage, which, in turn, will boost the speed and functionality of the device and allow users to click HD quality photos a lot faster. Most point and shoot cameras have a low internal memory but do come with an external storage support to store the images and video files.

4. Physical Dimensions

Digital cameras are generally lighter, more compact and user-friendly than a standard DSLR. If you are a traveller or a nature enthusiast, it is best that you go for a lightweight, portable model that’s easy to carry around.

For this reason, DSLRs also come with a storage bag. Point and shoot cameras are sleek, compact and extremely lightweight when compared to the professional cameras. The super zoom cameras are generally larger and heavier than the standard focal length models. However, the digital cameras don’t really require loads of expensive accessories and stands; you can carry them anywhere in your pocket!

5. Lens and Accessories

The camera optics, focus, lens, image sensors and megapixel count – all determine the quality and sharpness of the pictures you click. With DSLRs, you can add an extra lens to enhance the picture quality of the image as well. The kit usually includes telephoto zoom and a wide-angle lens that though a bit expensive can successfully capture clear cut realistic pictures.

The best point and shoot camera under 20000 doesn’t really come with an extra lens and can be a disappointment for professionals who love experimenting with angles and focus ranges. However, digital cameras do include smart image sensors and customization options for improving the picture quality.

Top 5 Best Digital Cameras in India Under Rs.20000 Reviews + Buyer’s Guide 2018

Finding the best cameras under 20000 can be a tough choice, especially, with the numerous digital brands circulating in the market offering new and innovative features. Companies like Canon and Nikon are the biggest players in the market that have launched multiple digital camera models in varying price ranges.

Other brands like Pentax and Sony follow closely behind, offering cameras with decent features and easy customization controls. Let us look into the best digital camera under 20000 and the kind of features they offer.

1. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H300/BC E32 – Digital Camera (Black)

Most people would get a point and shoot digital camera just because it offers a better zoom in/out option than their smartphone camera. And while this might not be the best reason to buy the Sony Cyber-shot, it sure makes the model a popular choice among the newbies. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H300 comes with a whopping 35x optical zoom that can capture detailed, crystal clear images without compromising on the picture quality.

I personally believe that the H300 is among the finest ultra-zoom cameras on the market that offer the best of image quality and colour representation. The model introduces many improvements from its predecessor, the HX200, offering a wide range of zooming options ranging from travel zoom to wide-angle zoom.

Sony Cyber-shot’s H300 features a unique f2.8-f6.3/24mm-1200mm (equivalent) zoom with sharper autofocus designed by Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar that enhances the camera’s performance tenfold.

I noticed an improvement in the performance at the telephoto end with almost 50x zooming and an advanced OIS or optical image stabilization feature to correct the slightest of movements. The touchscreen interface is armed with features you’d usually find in a smartphone camera such as WiFi integration, GPS, and RAW capture mode.

  • Solid, sturdy ergonomic construction.
  • WiFi support, inbuilt GPS and customizable view modes.
  • Smart image sensing features and Optical image stabilization support.
  • Touchscreen interface.
  • Up to 50x zooming and a wide range of shooting angles.
  • The 20-megapixel image sensors don’t really guarantee better image quality.
  • Not very intuitive.

Final Verdict

Sony Cyber-shot H300 point and shoot camera combine the best of digital features and smartphone camera customizations. Moreover, with the ultra-zooming options, various view modes, improved auto-focus and sharper image sensing capabilities, this model is the best point and shoot camera in India and a perfect choice for professionals and amateurs alike.

2. Nikon Coolpix L340 20.2 – Point And Shoot Digital Camera (Black)

Nothing beats the style and sturdiness of Nikon camera models, be it a regular digital point and shoot or a DSLR. The Coolpix range by Nikon might be just the next big thing in the market! The Nikon Coolpix L340 model is a low budget new bridge camera that features an incredible 28x optical zoom and 56x dynamic fine zoom options.

The images are captured on a 20.2 MP sensor powered by four AA batteries. L340 is very much like its preceding model, the L330. The only notable difference is the increased zooming range. The 28x zoom is almost equivalent to the 22.5-630mm focal range of a 35mm model. I especially love the new tilt-shift and vibration feature added on to the lens providing greater stability to the camera.

The 20MP CCD sensors offer maximum image sensitivity while the HD 1280×720 video recorder can capture 4K videos at 720p resolution. I felt that the camera could use a lot more fun features and editing options. For now, there are just six special effect filters and an auto-mode screen detection function. The smart portrait mode definitely stands out and is a favourite among photographers for its motion-detection sensibilities and amazing filters.

  • Higher 28x zooming capabilities.
  • Long battery life that lasts up to 370 shots.
  • 3-inch LCD vibrant monitor for easy viewing.
  • 20MP CCD sensors with max range and sharper autofocus.
  • You don’t get a viewfinder here. Also, the video mode doesn’t support 1080p resolution.
  • Lacks the popular filters and special effects options.

Final Verdict

This Nikon camera under 20000 is a soft-touch ergonomic digital camera model that is convenient, affordable and easy to handle. Smart features such as image sensors, motion-detectors, scene auto-selector options further simplify your job, helping you capture the moment perfectly.

3. Canon PowerShot SX430B 20MP – Digital Camera with 45x Optical Zoom (Black)

Canon is another major brand that has taken the market by storm with its practical, professional and premium quality camera models. From top-notch DSLRs to high-tech point and shoot camera, you can get everything here at really affordable prices. The Canon PowerShot SX430B aims amateur photographers and travellers who are looking for the best point and shoot camera in India under 20000 that is simple, responsive and portable.

I find the SX430 model to be among the easiest budget super-zoom cameras that feature 45x zooming lens and a 20.5megapixel ½.3 inch CMOS sensor for clicking sharper, clearer pictures. Moreover, the SX430 is surprisingly lightweight for a superzoom bridge camera. The hard plastic construction is pretty durable and scratch resistant.

This compact bridge camera offers other smart features as well such as WiFi integration, inbuilt dynamic NFC support, GPS that’s compatible with other devices. The intelligent motion detection system is also very impressive, helping me focus better and avoids lens shaking.

Even the video recording mode is pretty user-friendly. I could record decent shots at 720p resolution using mono sound and optical zooming functions. The plastic framework features a metal tripod socket and an ergonomic hand-rest for better grip. The controls and pop-up flash are manual.

  • Impressive 45x zooming option.
  • Intelligent IS system.
  • 20.5-megapixel and CMOS image sensors support.
  • Compact and very lightweight.
  • Smart optical stabilization features and motion-detection system.
  • Built-in WiFi, GPS and NFC support for transferring images to another device.
  • The pop-up flash is manual, i.e. you’ll have to close it back.
  • The screen is not gap-less and hence doesn’t offer good viewing angles.
  • Lacks an HDMI port connection.

Final Verdict

SX430 is a decent model with amazing zooming features, optical stabilization sensibilities and smart functions such as WiFi and GPS for easy operation. I had no problem with both wide-angle and telephoto lens operations and could easily zoom in/out to objects clicking picture-perfect moments accurately.

4. Sony H400/B 20.1 MP – Digital Camera with 63x Optical Zoom (Black)

The thing I love the most about Sony point and shoot cameras is their attractive framework and robust construction. With digital cameras you don’t have to worry about the additional accessories and portability, the small and compact camera models easily fit your backpack or pocket. The Sony H400/B is one such Cam that has all the essential features expected out of a decent point and shoot model, making it the best cameras below 20000.

The bridge superzoom camera comes with an incredible 63.3x optical range, which I believe is the highest zooming range offered by a digital camera considering the price. You even get a 20-megapixel compact viewfinder and a 3-inch display monitor. The video recorder can capture shots at 720p resolution offering some of the most robust wide-angle ranges I’ve come across.

The H400 model also comes with a set of high-resolution CMOS image sensors, a 20.1 MP CCD sensor and a 0.2inch electronic viewfinder that shoots JPEG images clearly. Aspiring film-makers would love the built-in stereo microphone that can shoot videos at 720p HD quality. The H400 construction is pretty similar to that of the HX400 model, albeit the minor difference in the physical dimensions and manual controls.

Sony’s H400 is built for the novice user who is not very familiar with the advanced functionalities of photography and just wants a simple camera. H400 even includes an 80-6400 ISO range, different view modes such as Active, Optical Steady-shots, Manual, Intelligent Auto and Program for reducing camera shake and capturing clear HD quality video.

  • Electronic inbuilt viewfinder.
  • Smart image stabilization and CMOS sensors.
  • Face detection focus and motion-sensors.
  • Impressive 63x optical zoom and autofocus.
  • 360-degree panorama shooting support.
  • Doesn’t support RAW image shooting and lacks WiFi integration and GPS.
  • Low screen resolution and heavy body. Plus, no external flash.

Final Verdict

Sony has always been a pioneer in introducing new and improved point and shoot cameras that offer both sustainability and style. Looking like an entry-level DSLR, the H400 model only upholds the company’s reputation. The electronic viewfinder and mock-pentaprism housing system set on the top of the framework gives the camera a very professional look and feel. The neck strap and storage bag makes the device very portable and user-friendly.

5. Nikon Coolpix B500 – Camera (Red) with 8GB SD Card

No matter how many brands and companies enter the competition, I’ll always be a bit biased towards Nikon. I’ve been using Nikon cameras for a long time now and have tried out most of their digital and DSLR models. The Nikon Coolpix range focuses on the amateur photographer who wants to click professional quality images without having to deal with a lot of technical complications.

With B500 point and shoot camera, you can capture decent quality pictures and videos at 1080p resolution. The ergonomic body feels great in your hands and offers amazing zooming options, thanks to the powerful telephoto NIKKOR glass lens. The 16MP low-light CMOS image sensors come with motion-detection and lens-shift vibration reduction capabilities for enhancing the image quality. Furthermore, the 40x zoom, customizable menu controls and wide range of view modes make photography all the more fun and creative.

You can view the pictures in the 3-inch display monitor that supports both JPEG and RAW shooting. I particularly love the special effects and filters of B500 that allow me to edit the image and increase its visibility. The model also offers smart features such as WiFi integration, inbuilt GPS and dynamic NFC and Bluetooth support for seamless file sharing and better connectivity with other platforms.

  • Offers 40x zoom and wide-angle optical range.
  • Supports video recording at 1080p resolution.
  • 16MP CMOS sensors for detecting motion even in low light.
  • Comes with WiFi, GPS, NFC and Bluetooth support.
  • Comes with a camera bag, HDMI cable and battery charger.
  • SnapBridge has a few glitches.
  • Doesn’t include manual exposure controls.

Final Verdict

User-friendly and packed with the latest features, the Nikon B500 could be every aspiring photographer’s dream come true. With easy controls, attractive frames and beautiful special effects, this is another best cameras under 20000 in India.

Bottom Line

The truth is today everyone loves clicking pictures, but nobody really needs a professional heavy-duty camera! Point and shoot cameras are a cheaper, more convenient and user-friendly option for aspiring photographers, designers, and travelling enthusiasts. So, chuck your smartphones and switch over to the real deal!

Beginners and first-time users find basic digital cameras to be a smart and effective option that gently eases them into the world of photography and editing. The top 5 best digital cameras under 20000 rupees reviewed above are the most popular ones in the market, suited for both commercial and personal use. However, consider the size, scale and specifications of your project before you make a purchase.

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Happy Shopping!