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Rahul Shankar

Hey, all!

I’m Rahul Shankar and I am crazy about Bluetooth Technology.

I spend a majority of my time researching for the best speakers, headphones, & headsets that are available in the online market, as I believe that nothing beats the thrill of being able to use latest gadgets that delivers high-quality and optimal user experience.

A music lover by nature, an avid gaming enthusiast and a tech geek by choice, I love sharing my passion for all these things on my website BestBTDevices.com.

The reviews and comparison guides that I publish here are of top-notch devices that are pocket and mobile-friendly, and I hope it assists all consumers, net-savvy or not, make the right choice while making a purchase.

So enjoy my website & have a good time and if you need to get in touch with me contact me here.